Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent Interview...

I just recently did a small interview that is somewhat hiding within this blog... I decided to bring it to the forefront so its a bit more visible, and invite readers to take a look.

Click Here to check it out :)


  1. "Who I am, goes far beyond the film world."...sounds pretty deep. So who is Matthew Reese really?

  2. Haha !! I guess that comment did bait a question like that... :) My answer to that would have to be somewhat surface, because I am very private and discrete in nature. Some would misconstrue that part of me as "something to hide", yet I just don't let a ton of people into my life on a deep level. I really don't have anything to hide, but I just don't throw it all out there, all at once. I guess we all have those places inside where we simply don't take people on tours.
    So "Who am I"?... I supposed I will opt to be a little "surface" on that answer, simply because this is a open forum, and I reverence and reserve some of the deep answers to that kind of a question for more private settings. I'm really just kind of a dork, that likes to have fun.... :)
    On a somewhat serious note...
    My Mother once told me,and I've always remembered it.
    "Seek the still waters, for that's where its the deepest". I think there is a lot to that statement. I spend a lot of time on my own, and alone with my thoughts. Time to think, read, meditate (in many ways), or record my thoughts in a journal.
    I am one who strives to be genuine (now more than ever,....have learned the hard way on this one, cuz I have many flaws)...
    I am a son of God. The Father of two. A lover of chocolate pudding w Cool Whip (My Fav), and an occasional midnight run to Taco Bell !! I love movies, and good stories where good over-powers evil... I love a quiet solemn morning,.. rain, snow, or sunshine... I love finding extra cash in my shorts I haven't worn for a year... (Sweet One) and I love to feel the comfort and love that comes with loved ones that surround me... Family and TRUE friends.

    Oh....and I love when my son hits that three point shot in "The Big Game"...Proud Dad....:) LOVE THAT!!! Ha!

  3. Ha,ha, I guess I pretty much expected a surface-type answer. But even in your answer, I can tell you're a pretty complex person. But overall you seem to be humble...I like that:)

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Your a basketball fan? COOL!!!! I'm a Celtics' about you? I have't been a Lakers' fan since they traded Shaq.

    Okay...just saw the trailer for "The Guardians" on Yolanda. The movie seems a little eery to what exactly is it about? And at the beginning of the trailer someone is chanting something in another language. What are they saying?

  5. I am a Lakers Fan too, and can't wait for the game tonight... GO LAKERS!!!
    The Guardians begins with a young girl's latin prayer, and it resurfaces throughout the movie. The film takes place back in the 1600s when it was and dark and eery time, when King Henry III ruled. Dark and scary time, and The Guardians were a key part in history as they stood for light and truth... Good stuff!

  6. o.k cool! happy to know it's not a demonic movie or anything. look forward to seeing the guardian.

    keep making those movies for "us" (smile)

  7. Nice interview. It's nice to see people speak about what they believe in with such conviction.

    Happy Father's Day.



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