Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Reset Button

It's early and I've been up for a few hours now... One of those morning when your mind is awake and alive, and running a million miles an hour.  My thoughts are turned to my kiddos.  The questions that run around in my head like:  "Are my kids getting the upbringing that they need to prepare them for life's challenges?"..."Are they loving their childhood and now teenage years?"... I remember so many things that I had as I was growing up, that have now become "fond memories" and even "anchors" in my life.  Do my kids have those?  When the winds of life blow, will they have a "center" to which they can return to clear away the clutter of life and start anew?  A core set of beliefs and values that anchor them in truth and unquestionable solid ground?  I know how I hit that "reset button" in my life and return my center, yet do they?  Things to assess and re-adjust if needed, yet my mind is awake with this line of questioning...
How do YOU hit your "reset button" in YOUR life?  I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love today

Tonight is a one where emotions run high, deep tender feelings have surfaced, and I have decided to briefly write.  The hustle of life that surrounds me, and the love that I have for life keeps me ever charging forward.  Busy with this and busy with that, cause me to just keep plowing through each day, week, month, etc...  Then there are nights like tonight, that strip away all the appointments and schedule, and cause me to come face to face with the most precious.  The most dear. Absolutely the most important core that this life can ever offer.  The purest part of my soul.  MY Family!  Those whom I hold most dear... The fragility of life... How in an instant it could be over... How it causes the feeling of overwhelming gratitude and joy, and that I have been gifted those that I have and hold so dear.  How they color my world and make it so much more than ever possible on my own.  They are my reasons why!
In an can change and be gone.  Seize the chance to love deeply, to embrace that which is in front of you, and love TODAY!


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