Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great and The Terrible 

Out in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the week... Such a beautiful place. I have been reading a book series called "The Great and the Terrible"... If anyone gets a chance to read these book, I highly recommend it! The books make it well known that duality and opposing forces are prevalent in everything. Opposing sides between good and evil... The Yin and Yang... The questions it has caused me ask are: Do my thoughts and actions align with what I wish to create? Do I actively participate in the creation of what's good and wholesome? Do my actions align with where I'm headed? or do i just spend most of my time...burning time, and not progressing toward an overall goal or end. Do I "get by", or do I aggressively pursue a plan and overall purpose? Sometimes I ask myself these "gut check" questions, and am occasionally pleased with the answers, yet other time not as pleased... We all have time, and have various ways to contribute... Do we really contribute to life, or do we just try to "get ours"...? May we learn that there is purpose in giving away, and creating good!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trust vs Expectation

Trust is a delicate thing. Pure at first until proven otherwise. Yet something that must be earned... yet something that can be dashed to pieces in an instant. Is it trust that builds? or one's expectations of others? Whats the difference between "I trusted you"...and.."I didn't expect that from you"?

Trust and expectations are close in relation to each other... I think that trust comes from knowing the person(s) at their core, and knowing their heart... When we place expectations on people, I think they are more about our own selves instead of the other person...
When someone has an expectation of another... and then suddenly they were wrong. Was it the persons' own personal expectation that caused the level of disappointment? or the fact that the person, on whom expectations were placed, isn't perfect and makes mistakes? Then the statements like "I trusted you" and "how could you"... No, this doesn't give license to intentionally hurt or not consider others in our actions... Broken expectations, and breaking trust are two different things. The question to ask is... Do I trust? or do I expect...because of my own perception..? False expectations are sure to eventually be upsetting... People are people, and aren't perfect. So what's the solution? Don't expect! Be grateful for that which is given without pretense or expectation. Just be grateful! In this light, we can avoid the disappointment that people aren't perfect... "I trust you" to me means, that I know you at your core, and love as you are...yet also understand that mistakes will be made, and won't judge you as a whole by your mistakes, but by what I know your heart to be...
We set ourselves up for disappointment when we place false expectations on others... This causes hurt and depression... Please know that "The seeds of depression and hurt can not take root in a grateful heart..!"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Her hometown

I've been in Portland, Oregon for the week. It so relaxing to drive the countryside up here and watch the mountains and the trees go by. So green and lush, and just a wonder to me, to see such beauty. Very thought provoking to me. I drove through a town called GrantsPass... Its a small little place you'll pass on your way to somewhere else. Not much there, but its where someone I love grew up. As I passed by, I couldn't help to think of the places they might have visited and wonder what and who they were when they lived there. Makes me smile :)

On the road, and ready to go home soon... yet what a beautiful part of the world,... and I'm grateful for having passed through...GrantsPass :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


THE GUARDIANS ... Our latest project that we are working on is called "The Guardians"... We have already produced the first opening scene of the film, and did so with a budget of $25,000. This is a film where it is shot 100% against a green screen, and everything is then done digitally in post production work. We wanted to produce only the opening of this film, to prove that we could operate in the green screen world, and to show what the films would look like, as we go about raising the money. It is similar in look to "300", or "Sin City"... Two films that did extremely well, and yet cost over $30 million to make. We will be able to produce our movie with the same look and feel for around $2.5 million. As soon as I am able, I will be posting and sharing the opening scene of this film on my site. Stay tuned! and add yourself to the guest list, and you'll be informed as to the latest on this project as it progresses.


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