Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great and The Terrible 

Out in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the week... Such a beautiful place. I have been reading a book series called "The Great and the Terrible"... If anyone gets a chance to read these book, I highly recommend it! The books make it well known that duality and opposing forces are prevalent in everything. Opposing sides between good and evil... The Yin and Yang... The questions it has caused me ask are: Do my thoughts and actions align with what I wish to create? Do I actively participate in the creation of what's good and wholesome? Do my actions align with where I'm headed? or do i just spend most of my time...burning time, and not progressing toward an overall goal or end. Do I "get by", or do I aggressively pursue a plan and overall purpose? Sometimes I ask myself these "gut check" questions, and am occasionally pleased with the answers, yet other time not as pleased... We all have time, and have various ways to contribute... Do we really contribute to life, or do we just try to "get ours"...? May we learn that there is purpose in giving away, and creating good!

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