Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mí Mádre

My Mother... 

 "We should all be in the pursuit of self mastery...It is a lifelong pursuit."  Janice H. Davis

Oh how you have taught me
and caused me to be ME
All the good that I have in my life, has come as a result of thee
From the moment I arrived, you have always been there...
and NO MATTER WHAT...I have never doubted that you care!

Things you taught me, not just by word, but also in deed:

-  Knowledge is to be sought and cherished
-  Ask the right question and listen inside
-  Follow clarity, the lack thereof is and answer in and of itself...Follow clarity
-  God makes no promise to answer an academic question...answers are only given when we are ready for the accountability that comes with it.
-  "There is no "Try", there is only DO, and DO NOT"...Oh how you echoed Master Yoda in this message
-  "CAN'T" is not allowed in this house..."YES YOU CAN!"
-  Write and keep a YOUR record... "For out of the records shall we be judged"
-  READ, and fill your mind with positive food
-  Be careful where you choose to place your energy...For that which receives energy...GROWS
-  Be Still (in so many ways)... "Seek the still waters, for that's where it's the deepest"
-  There's always 3 sides to anything (in a relationship)... Your perspective, the others' perspective, and then there's Gods' perspective... Seek His perfect perspective!
-  To HUG...   :)
-  Manners are NOT, and never will be "old fashion"
-  God is real.  He is to be reverenced and respected...and He loves us with a perfect love.
-  BE where you are
-  Know who you are...(not just what you do...but who you ARE)
-  Existence....Exists! A = A!

The list continues, yet these are some that stand out to me this morning... I love you and I love the example you ARE! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A ride

The day has been long,.. the silence became too loud, and it was time to ride.  I jumped on my Harley, and left... 

The open road, the danger of riding, headed toward the canyon, the hills and vistas, approaching that edge of comfort, and staying there for a while.  Stress disappears...clarity comes into becomes simple again...all because I took a ride.  

Thank you Harley!  That's why I have you, because of your reminders, your sounds, and what you always seem to teach me!


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