Monday, March 25, 2013

Accountabilty 101

"You are exactly where you are, based on the decisions that you have made"
... Dallon H. Oaks

This quote resonates in my mind right now.  Sometimes I experience things that cause me to slow down and just try to look at things from an outsiders' perspective.  I ask myself... "How have I contributed to exactly where I am right now?"  If I'm honest, I am able to see that I have played The Main Roll in exactly where I am right this instant.  It's easy to blame and point fingers at others as to why we are where we are.  Most people do just that!  However, NOTHING will change until we decide to take personal accountability for our own lives.  Looking inward and raising our own awareness is the key.  You either go "within, or you'll go "without"...   We must become more aware of our ego, and the roles that it constantly tries to play.  Aware of our own patterns and being willing to look in the mirror.  Not an easy thing to do at times, yet oh so necessary. 

The truth is...Where we are today is direct reflection of what we believe and what we know.  The only way to change where we are, is to expand what we believe and what we know.  Raise our awareness!!  It starts inside our minds.

The tricky part, as we are picking apart our own lives, is to look at things with proper perspective.  We are typically way off the mark, when we venture into self analysis. Too much interference involved (personal fears, ego, victim mentality, etc...) for us to even expect a fair self analysis.   I was once told by a dear friend (John McLay)... "Don't you dare venture into the realms of self analysis, unless you invite The Lord to be present while doing so."  Great advise, because as I dive into this lately, I sure do feel like crap! :(  Easy to be harder on ourselves...or we are "our own worst critic"...  Only with The Creators' perfect perspective should we try to put ourselves under construction to build us into something better... Perhaps a prayer to seek guidance isn't such a bad idea...?   ;)

Sifting through patterns, habits, limited perspective... Yet learning of self, becoming more aware, and growing through difficult things is worth the task.

"We should all be in the pursuit of self mastery...It is a life long pursuit."
...My Mother

Thank you Mom :)

Dissecting it all

" Dissect hate and you'll find that it's nothing more than love wearing shields and armor. Dissect trust and it's nothing more than expectations satisfied. Dismantle wisdom and you'll find that it's nothing more than the shaded area of an overlap of experiences. Dismantle miracles and you'll find that they are nothing more than a reflection of your defying acts. Now dismantle yourself and see that you are a chamber of light."
Tiyu Zafu --- Submitted by Samantha Levy --- California


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