Friday, June 17, 2011

You know something... share? or don't share!?!

Situation: You know something and have the upper hand in every way!!... Yet you are faced with the decision of swashing your adversary with it, or holding it in reserve, to never be known, or divulged. Which road would YOU take?...and more importantly...WHY?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Recent Dream...

I recently had a dream, and I woke from it with that feeling that I should write it down, and record it. This was the result of that writing. A poem that I have hesitated in sharing, yet decided today to throw it out there. I have such wonderful family and friends in my life that surround me with love and kindness... yet I do admit this topic wonders into my head from time to time, especially after a dream, such as the one this poem speaks of. Hope you enjoy:

I feel the weight of a dream, that was sent from the divine...
Where I'm holding a son, that I know is mine...
"With whom"? I ask, as I long for a reply,
Yet silence falls, and I'm left waiting....wondering... "why"?
Why can't I know whom this person will be...? The one who, in the end, will be standing by me.
Why have the heavens closed to the answer that I seek?
Why, Oh God, can't I just hear you speak?
And so I wait and I pray, for that still small voice...
Or maybe I'm wrong in asking...maybe it's completely my choice...?
Patience to be learned, and confusion still inside...
Yet I feel the weight of my dream, may I act, and not hide...!!

Would love to hear thoughts in return...


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