Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Consider The Lilies"

As my life moves further down the road, I've lived, I've learned, and even on occasion...I have loved. Interesting how as I get older and I look back behind me...The words of Lenny Kravitz come to mind: "I'm old enough to see behind me, and young enough to feel my soul." I very much feel that as I proceed through my 30's. The older I get, the more I feel like I have less need to control my world, but to let go and trust that God is TRULY at the helm, and is mindful of ME! The old idea of "consider the lilies" comes to mind as I write. The lilies are able to wholly rely on God to feed and nurture them as they stand and accept whatever comes their way...are we much better of different than they? The idea of being present in my life RIGHT NOW, instead of being so worried about the morrow. Live in the present, and fill your heart with gratitude is the recipe for a full life... "Take no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for things of itself..." (Matthew 6:34) I love that! Learn from my past, and live in the now. Love wholly, Live wisely, Be your BEST, and be grateful for it what it may. So maybe this is easier said than done and maybe even sounds like fantasy land,.... but when one pauses and truly feels the present, there is much more meaning in EVERYTHING! My invitation to all reading is to BE PRESENT AND GRATEFUL!! Life will mean more to you if you do! I can speak for myself, that this is the key to a beautiful life! Experiment for at least one day...being mindful of this entry... I would love to hear back from those reading as to how it goes!


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