Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's out there,.. I feel it !

I can feel what's out there!  I can feel the excitement of what's beckoning me forward..!  Sad, often alone,.. amidst the gravity that pulls me forward, and gives me hope and faith in a vision that I see in my mind... 
It calls to me, stirs me, is silent in the back of my mind,.. i know it's there!!  It wakes me at doesn't allow me to rest...yet it comforts me knowing that it IS!!!  It drives me and allows me to believe!  
It is not threatening,.. it only invites me to hold on, hold out,.. I want to run to it,.. but it says that I must be present in the space in which I currently see,.. it's blue,'s a part of my energy,'s with me, yet I just can't physically see it yet.  
"Faith" whispers 
"Trust" it I do
It fills me with Love
The stepping stones to find it ~ #gratitude
It's out there, and reserves itself for me, if I want it too!  Yes please ;)
That which I want,..wants Me too!  
#be #feelit #patience 


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