Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Someday"...should be TODAY!

As a little boy, I couldn't wait to be older, to then be able to do great things!  Always a thing that "tomorrow" holds and "someday" I'll get there.  I wonder how much we still do that as adults..?.. "Someday I'll make enough money to take that trip."..."Someday I'll go help people and give back."..."Someday I'll reconnect with those that have become estranged."..."Someday I will [this or that...fill in the blank yourself]."...  Always a someday attitude about some off in the distance thing, that somehow never comes closer than the occasional day dream.

"Years know things that days never knew."  -  Gordon C. Peters

Days make up months, and months make up years... On a day to day basis, it is difficult to see the larger picture of where our days are leading us.  However, if you were to take a step back, and look at things over the last 5 - 10 years, we can see of pattern of success and new heights, a path of failures, or (for most) a path of "very much the same"... Something that is interesting to experiment with, is to take an inventory of your daily lives.  Sit down and map out your average day.  The major things that happen on a daily basis for you. 

Ex:  Wake up, rush out the door, face traffic on your way to work, show up on time, do what you're told all day, leave and face traffic and run a few errands on the way home, maybe get a nourishing meal, turn on the tube, turn off your brain, and fall asleep...  All to wake and do it again the next day.  (I have just explained many peoples' lives)  Now HOPEFULLY,.. what you've spent your time doing all day (at work) is your life's passion and what you love!...yet for many it isn't. 

Now on another sheet of paper, write down what you've always wanted to do.  Perhaps go bigger than that and write what your life's mission is.  What is your life's purpose while here on earth...?

...and finally compare the two against each other... Compare what your daily life looks like, to your overall life's goal(s)... Is there ANY part of your average day that contributes toward your life's goal(s)?!?  Do you take ANY time whatsoever to better yourself as a person?  Is there ANY part of your day where you try to expand your mind? or fill your day full of positive thoughts, words, or actions?  Where is your day to day life leading you?... Higher ground?... Mediocrity?... Are your best days ahead of you, or behind you...? 

Interesting to step back and take an inventory of our daily lives.  This is YOUR LIFE, and this is YOUR TIME!  What are you doing with it?!?  Hopefully we can all learn something from taking a look at ourselves, look in the mirror, and if we don't like what we see...  Do Not blame anyone else, but take full responsibility for your life, and change.  DO better!  BE better!  Employ better habits, and hold yourself accountable. 

I believe we are to experience joy, and learn to LOVE our lives!  Our lives are OURS' to create!  Is life happening to you?  or are you happening to it?  Are you being pushed around and go with whatever whim that comes along?  or do you produce and create that which YOU want? 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below!
-  Matthew Reese


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