Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Someday"...should be TODAY!

As a little boy, I couldn't wait to be older, to then be able to do great things!  Always a thing that "tomorrow" holds and "someday" I'll get there.  I wonder how much we still do that as adults..?.. "Someday I'll make enough money to take that trip."..."Someday I'll go help people and give back."..."Someday I'll reconnect with those that have become estranged."..."Someday I will [this or that...fill in the blank yourself]."...  Always a someday attitude about some off in the distance thing, that somehow never comes closer than the occasional day dream.

"Years know things that days never knew."  -  Gordon C. Peters

Days make up months, and months make up years... On a day to day basis, it is difficult to see the larger picture of where our days are leading us.  However, if you were to take a step back, and look at things over the last 5 - 10 years, we can see of pattern of success and new heights, a path of failures, or (for most) a path of "very much the same"... Something that is interesting to experiment with, is to take an inventory of your daily lives.  Sit down and map out your average day.  The major things that happen on a daily basis for you. 

Ex:  Wake up, rush out the door, face traffic on your way to work, show up on time, do what you're told all day, leave and face traffic and run a few errands on the way home, maybe get a nourishing meal, turn on the tube, turn off your brain, and fall asleep...  All to wake and do it again the next day.  (I have just explained many peoples' lives)  Now HOPEFULLY,.. what you've spent your time doing all day (at work) is your life's passion and what you love!...yet for many it isn't. 

Now on another sheet of paper, write down what you've always wanted to do.  Perhaps go bigger than that and write what your life's mission is.  What is your life's purpose while here on earth...?

...and finally compare the two against each other... Compare what your daily life looks like, to your overall life's goal(s)... Is there ANY part of your average day that contributes toward your life's goal(s)?!?  Do you take ANY time whatsoever to better yourself as a person?  Is there ANY part of your day where you try to expand your mind? or fill your day full of positive thoughts, words, or actions?  Where is your day to day life leading you?... Higher ground?... Mediocrity?... Are your best days ahead of you, or behind you...? 

Interesting to step back and take an inventory of our daily lives.  This is YOUR LIFE, and this is YOUR TIME!  What are you doing with it?!?  Hopefully we can all learn something from taking a look at ourselves, look in the mirror, and if we don't like what we see...  Do Not blame anyone else, but take full responsibility for your life, and change.  DO better!  BE better!  Employ better habits, and hold yourself accountable. 

I believe we are to experience joy, and learn to LOVE our lives!  Our lives are OURS' to create!  Is life happening to you?  or are you happening to it?  Are you being pushed around and go with whatever whim that comes along?  or do you produce and create that which YOU want? 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below!
-  Matthew Reese


  1. Matthew,
    Because we have a disabled daughter (and we don't know how long we will have her), I have learned NOT to put things off. Or NOT to save such & such for a "special" occasion. I'm trying to use items such as "special" dishes on a daily basis. I don't save pretty outfits for my daughter to wear only on "special" days. EVERY day we have her is a gift from God and a special occasion for us. We've been getting out and "doing" things with her, even though she can't really do, we take her along no matter where we go. I WILL NOT look back and wished I would have done~ I'm doing them while we have her.
    Have an awesome day.

  2. Thank you for sharing your comment Diana!

  3. WOW, Matt, my entire last year has just flooded back into my mind, reading this. In a way, I relate with Diana, who commented above.
    I have said before at random times, that your line, "That which receives energy, Grows," has really affected me in a great way. And I guess I feel a little shy to share this part of me.... but since I feel I owe a bit of my success to you, I will.

    Two years ago, I hit my very lowest, when my health had deteriorated from 6 years of dealing with three tick-born illnesses. I was at death's door more than once. I felt frustrated and emotional, but it wasn't until I was told that two of my pregnancies caused me pass illness to my unborn children, that I truly felt defeated. Imagine being told that you gave your children a sickness that could eventually kill them... I was a mess.
    I have followed you for quite some time. I believe I was one of the first 10 followers you ever even had on facebook, actually. I admired you, & your enthusiasm for life.
    I was told once, that often times, people's failure to get well is often closely related to their thinking, or emotional state. Those who stay positive are more likely to push through & succeed. The body responds to what you take in, physically, mentally, emotionally... At the time that didn't mean a whole lot to me. One day though, I pulled something up that you had just recently written & it said, "That which receives energy, Grows." So simple. I pondered that for a few moments & then it was like lightning bolts flowed through my brain. I realized for me, it was the key to everything. I realized it was time for a change. I told my family, if we stay positive, we can get through everything. I then purposed to make every day as wonderful & positive, as loving & bright, as I possibly could. I took all of my energy & put it towards what I wanted. Wherever I wanted to see 'fruit', I gave energy. If it was negative, I stayed away from it. I did just as you wrote about above. I wrote down all of my life, where I was at, and even all of my troubles. Then next to it, I wrote what I wanted. Each day, I fed it. I continued on. The doctors said our joints were deteriorating, but I wanted strong bodies, so I took the kids out for a run. My heart didn't beat correctly, but knowing exercise would strengthen it, I did it even if I felt like passing out. I said positive things as I ran. I kept what I was striving for right before my eyes, every day. I knew I was not guaranteed a tomorrow. I didn't even care, because every day we had was important & every day was perfect, in its own little imperfect way. We just lived for 'today'. And Prayed. A lot.

    We went on like that, for days, weeks, months. Eventually though, I was given the biggest reward ever. I was told that my son was cured & my daughter would be just fine. I was told that two of the three illnesses in me were completely gone, & the third is nearly gone as well. I have grabbed hold of this life, & lived in a way that I never have before. My friends and family have said what a change they see in me... what hope they see! They ask me how I got through it all, & how I'm able to be so happy. I ALWAYS think of you, Matt, when they ask. Because that line, so simple, but so perfect, changed me. I live for today. That which receives energy, grows. What we do and think on today, IS our tomorrow. Where are we putting our energy?! Don't just think about what you want, Fight for it, and TAKE IT!
    I guess I just wanted to say thank you. You are miles away but you bless me. If you ever wonder, if you are affecting anyone or changing lives, please remember me. Because you are. And now I'm able to share that with my children. There is always a ripple effect, and this one started with you. So thank you. A million times, Thank You.


  4. Thank you Matthew to have shared these magnificent thoughts.

    Please, I would like to share in return of what I think of the ASSESSMENT OF LIFE that all, I agree, we should make regularly, for our own balance.
    It is what I call professionally, a "POSITIONING"; it i allows, very often to start all over again, healthier and more honest to ourselves I propose it in my personal company and the people who one experimented, were delighted ! :)

    Part 1 /4 – Writer : Maryse CANOVAS

    I often said it to myself! I reacted, very early, to this questioning, and it is what urged me to study in psychology, characterology and graphology, because I thought at the bottom of me, because it was necessary to me to take in hand my life, and because only I could make it.

    I watched my father suffering during his work, hard physically, but some pride of which he experienced, what compensated for the effort which it underwent. Having exercised many different jobs, as drivers of abnormal loads of dangerous products, he had acquired a business with my mother, but his passion for the nature finally motivated him to dare to change life and to become landscape painter and finished his life by having structuring tastefully and of passion the nature, which returned it to him… Well I found it great ! He had dared to change job, to change life, by having in responsibility a large family, and made a success his occupational retraining ! My mother always supported him in her actions and her choices. My parents are examples for me!!

    Stemming from a family of seven children, our parents although intellectual and talented, have never prevented us from envisaging a creative, technical job, or from practising an art (my sister Annie followed this way, it is a good Painter côtée to Drouot Paris today and I took lessons with her I produced some acrylic). My parents did not consider the success in the way we consider it, from a very elitist point of view, but rather on the human plan today ; they wanted to encourage me to choose what could make me happy and what would incite me to share with the others by love of the job.

    My childhood, my adolescence, my life, was never easy, for reasons of family, personal responsibilities and environment not convenient to the serenity towards which I aim today, but it did not prevent me very early (in my adolescence) from reacting, to become " actress of my life ", can be by character (I speak on the real plan of the characterology, the "enthusiast": if I chosen to make a thing, I make it completely !! (Please, not of bad thoughts on my subject … LOL !! :) )

    When I began to work, while continuing my studies (that is in 18 years), I observed the others … Some seemed to be happy, but at the bottom of them it " rang hollow ", I noticed having discussed with numerous adults that they had chosen nothing or that they had not really made a commitment in a thing which could spread them, or worse still, that i had no idea for the continuation(suite) of the events of their life!... I found it really poignant!!
    I said myself, I would want that my life begins finally, I was major, thus right to take in hand it at every level.

    I still think a lot of young and old alike :) have a feeling of being "outside" of their existence, and it is very sad ...!
    The approach age of forty is conducive to a personal assessment.
    I think in our first perception of our potential, plus the sum of non-action is heavy, the future becomes more difficult and the choices are dwindling. So we must "live now"! .. And respond as soon as possible, fight passivity and resignation !

  5. Part 2/4 – Writer : Maryse CANOVAS

    Why are some people unable to grasp their existence, while you Matthew, for example, seems to radiate determination and freedom?
    I think there is a vitality initially linked to the character a bit, then education, family ideology pushes us more or less self-realization.
    I would like to illustrate this, positioning myself with my sensibility of a woman. For example, in a childhood spent with a patriarch father, the future wife may be abandoned to the men of the family and so don’t have or seek to impose its views, opinions ... or too late and sometimes reproducing this behavior with his own children, that's the risk ... I guess she could tell her daughter "no question of going to an art school, it leads to nothing" or in other words "stop dreaming, you don’t have the right, you're a woman and you'll be at home, raise the children that you will do your husband and everything else ... "What a waste !!!

    Why a woman should be locked in a psychological pain suffered, judging it only has the right to remain silent, suffering possibly because they have never been able to achieve a dream in favor of a comfortable existence of a content morose? No, personally I think that this woman, like every woman has the right to choose the risky adventure of a lifetime to invent, if sometimes painful inertia of an insidious routine! It belongs only to her to say NO, to REFUSE SUCH inconsistency of life.

  6. Part 3/4 – Writer : Maryse CANOVAS

    In her life review, it truly becomes an actor that when agrees to take full responsibility of his existence, that we cease to attribute his discomfort to others, to the past, to external circumstances and that the one is able to fight, sometimes against the demons of the past.
    But you really have to experience this principle so that it takes its value in our lives. It's a kind of acceptance of responsibility with ourselves, awareness determined in connection with the brutal reality of our affects.
    It may hurt, because our illusions of ease and power and when we begin to see a change requires us to quickly recognize our limitations and imperfections (for to believe that we can have it all at once is still a child thought ) but in the end makes us better able to account explore our possibilities and develop our "individuality."

    The individuality to which we will then focus us, pushes us to question regularly, and do it in writing, I agree with you, Matthew, is an excellent way to formalize concrete thoughts and projects. We will ask us to SEARCH OUR OWN TRUTH. It is not to have an extraordinary life, but especially to be able to feel that the life one leads is harmonious with our inner being, is not that true self-fulfillment ? ...
    This sometimes requires a full questioning of himself or of his initial choices: admit that the first choice of occupation was a mistake, go back to school evening classes, etc.) Those who have made the effort of this questioned, have no regrets today !

  7. Part 4/4 – Writer : Maryse CANOVAS

    I believe that a life review would be incomplete if we refused some stage, such as the "responsiveness". Indeed, it is necessary for the initial awareness as to accommodate the "new world" we desire, we must first feel it in us to taste it, so think about what we really want and why we want !!
    This meditation time is not wasted time, it's wonder WHO WE REALLY ARE, and confront his ideals with reality to get in touch with her and its OneSelf (Ego).
    The action then we will mobilize our desires, our illusions and fears, and we will then have to position ourselves, something that no one can do it for us.
    But only we miss some key points to our psychological growth, we are relational beings and that we are building through meetings and feedback that we return.
    This is the value of "otherness," there comes a time where you have to be transformed by the encounter, and later we turn the other in turn.
    Thus happiness can be exchanged and model from our changes and sequential and balance sheets that we have made in our lives, by our unique commitment and perseverance!

    Again thank you for sharing your post :)
    It’s with pleasure that I receive back your thoughts on this,

    Have a nice day Matthew !! :D

    Maryse CANOVAS

  8. I like what you said in your post!. About the term someday. we so can put things off for way to long:). I saw today the movie Bell and the Beast which speaks of Faith and love we are blessed if we have both. When I glanced at your post it made me think of the verse in the bible when it says DET29:11 For God knows the Plans he HAs For US.

    Be Blessed
    Lashan Y

  9. It’s a fall Sunday morning and I feel introverted. I am lost in thought or rather thoughts. It’s as though my mind is driving down I-95 going 100 mph and wants to get off at every exit to explore that is there. It’s been a long and challenging month personally and professionally. I put in my headphones select the playlist titled “inspiration” and hit the heavy bag. I don’t want to “think” anymore. I want to focus on this one thing until it exhausts me. When I am done I want to do something out of my comfort zone. I have found that the change in weather also inspires a change within myself. It is not that I am unhappy professionally. I enjoy what I do working for one of the country’s largest multifamily REIT’s. What that particular endeavor doesn’t create for me I have my Pure Romance business (hoping you don’t look this one up). I didn’t intentionally join that group of “consultants” as a business as much a personally challenge to “try” all their products. My friend approached me about becoming a consultant to save money. The business side intrigued me in the aspect that I want women to feel empowered. So what property management doesn’t fulfill P.R. does. When I want to really make a difference I have my Reiki practice. I love my clients and I enjoy seeing them healthier and happier. So, you see I “do” plenty, yet I feel “off”. Of course there are a few of my female friends that say it’s because I don’t have a man in my life. Um, no ladies that’s why I have my P.R. business. Ok, so that was a joke fail. Maybe what I feel is something I picked up from a Reiki client but I what to explore it anyway. Maybe I just need a creative outlet. Music lessons (I would love to take piano again), cooking class, or writing.



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