Friday, March 5, 2010

Her hometown

I've been in Portland, Oregon for the week. It so relaxing to drive the countryside up here and watch the mountains and the trees go by. So green and lush, and just a wonder to me, to see such beauty. Very thought provoking to me. I drove through a town called GrantsPass... Its a small little place you'll pass on your way to somewhere else. Not much there, but its where someone I love grew up. As I passed by, I couldn't help to think of the places they might have visited and wonder what and who they were when they lived there. Makes me smile :)

On the road, and ready to go home soon... yet what a beautiful part of the world,... and I'm grateful for having passed through...GrantsPass :)

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  1. I'm commenting on a post that's two years old.... Yeah, I know. I'm doing it anyway, because I love this short, simple post. It's interesting how the feelings we have for people we love affect our feelings for places. The way you feel about Grants Pass is the way I feel about Preston, Idaho. It's the town where my grandparents chose to live, where my parents were raised, and where I spent my first year of life. Anyone driving through would probably not take much notice, but I love it because the roots of my family grew there.



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