Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love today

Tonight is a one where emotions run high, deep tender feelings have surfaced, and I have decided to briefly write.  The hustle of life that surrounds me, and the love that I have for life keeps me ever charging forward.  Busy with this and busy with that, cause me to just keep plowing through each day, week, month, etc...  Then there are nights like tonight, that strip away all the appointments and schedule, and cause me to come face to face with the most precious.  The most dear. Absolutely the most important core that this life can ever offer.  The purest part of my soul.  MY Family!  Those whom I hold most dear... The fragility of life... How in an instant it could be over... How it causes the feeling of overwhelming gratitude and joy, and that I have been gifted those that I have and hold so dear.  How they color my world and make it so much more than ever possible on my own.  They are my reasons why!
In an can change and be gone.  Seize the chance to love deeply, to embrace that which is in front of you, and love TODAY!


  1. " My secrets cry aloud.
    I have no need for tongue.
    My heart keeps open house.
    My doors are widely swung.
    An epic of the eyes.
    My love, with no disguise."

    There's something magical in these short and clean lines. I fell for this poem long time ago.
    Your writing awakened the memory of it. Thank you!
    Love must be deep. We should never ever forget that we ARE actually LOVE. Seizing the moment to love is like taking a breath, I believe.
    Keep on writing, Matthew Reese. You are wonderful!

  2. Funny as I lie awake reflecting on my life I stumbled upon your post. I love life. It is truly a miracle that I get to experience. In fact sometimes I don't understand how people take it for granted. You get one chance to grow old on this earth, why not challenge yourself and live it, love it. It's just really hard for me to understand why people don't understand this. Let's just say I have a loved one that is going through hard times and abuses. Her loved ones enable her and she's not getting any better. It is times like this that I feel lost. What is the breaking point for someone to realize that life is so precious?

  3. :) Life is simply wonderful! Family - the ones that love you no matter what, the ones that are always there for you in your success, and in your failures!! Good thoughts Matthew!! :) Thank you!! - Jenn

  4. Matthew, I LOVE YOUR REFLECTION on the family and love which we have to show.
    Thank you Matthew to have shared !

    It tempted me to give you my own felt on the heart of a problem within the family nowadays: the lack of love because of a too low degree (or of the total absence) of spirituality.
    I shall be doubtless irrelevant, and I ask you to excuse me for it ? :)

    PART 1 :
    What would be the meaning of the family life, if we did not feel it in oneself ??! If the ecstasy was inaccessible and if the illusions of love were not any more allowed ?!

    The "system" in which we live relaying on the egoism, "every man for himself" and " all, straight away ", and sometimes, except the purely individual considerations, the family is affected by these ways of behaving.
    Nevertheless, for whom wants to grow up spiritually and to free his spirit of the "parasites" that want to impose us the stereotypes of our time, the path towards the real wisdom does not seem to me inaccessible and the efforts are worth it; indeed, the pursuit of the wisdom is for me a way to demonstrate in our daily life, first and foremost, by the gratitude that we have the desire to stay inside the limits of a moral righteousness, the one that God shows us in his word, the Holy Bible.

    I was profoundly saddened to see that today, within certain families, the people who evolve side by side, sometimes do not really know each other, simply because they are unaware of each other, preferring to sacrifice the jewel of their life, their family To the "God Money" or to the " God Success" !

    What is the meaning of all this ?... For me, there is not ! It goes against any practical wisdom, which nevertheless as I say it higher, do not seem out of reach. Because indeed, we can give a direction to our existence, thanks to the faith, to the meditation ; This can not be bought so everyone can access them.

    Nevertheless, some need we guide them towards this way, they have not acquired this freedom and this strength of spirit yet which urges us to consider the things of a wiser point of view, because more spiritual.
    They are allowed roll around by the streams of an incredible sphere of influence belonging to this world and which unfortunately takes away them strongly from what should be their purpose of life, what they have of more expensively and they sometimes regret too late having abandoned : their family !

  5. PART 2 :
    Except, no child, no parent, deserves to be left to go on his own in this world, where God and his love become the only refuges, because the references regarding moral values which arise from it are voluntarily ignored or worse still hated within the family unit.
    Some eventually ask even "oh mom, why you gave birth to me ?... I asked for nothing !" ; it saddens me, and frightens me a little bit also. How can parent's heart answer this indifference towards the gift of the life ??... Because love doesn’t born within the indifference and there is there, as parent, of what to be profoundly made a break !

    Nevertheless life is worth living, to be loved ! This life or the perseverance should be the reflection of our gratitude towards God and towards our parents to have loved us the first ones and have given us the possibility of knowing this Earth, this Universe where we can love in our turn, and particularly within our family !!
    That God forgives these individuals the misled heart. I claim by no means to be able to be a girl, an adorable woman, but I believe in God and make efforts to walk straight ahead and love my close relations and all those who are in front of me.

    I want to persevere in this spiritual approach in my conception of the life family, because I think that a person who makes efforts, by remaining humble enough to adhere to spiritual moral values, will be inclined to OPEN ITS HEART BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, and it is the wonderful experience there which offers us the life ! Through the wisdom and the knowledge of God which penetrates in the depths of ourselves when we take this long way, we know real love (agape) That we can share in our turn, by gratitude for our biggest enjoyment, because "There is more happiness of giving that to receive" according to the book of the Acts of Apotres Chap 20 verse 35 (Holy Bible).
    Even when difficulties appear, by keeping the hope which supplies us our faith, we continue to have in us the peace and the enjoyment which allows us to persevere on the straight and narrow. (Holy Bible > Romain chap. 15, verse 13).
    Yes Matthew, let's LOVE our FAMILY, the CORE OF OUR SOUL, not with thought only, but as you also conceive it, in acts of love and gratitude.
    God bless you ! :)

    Maryse CANOVAS

  6. It is amazing that you can talk to someone one day and the next they are gone and you will never see them again. Life is short. At this moment it his hard for me to come to terms with the death of an acquaintance. Granted my interactions with him were very few and strictly professional. This is a moment for me that I step back, still myself, and listen. Part of me thinks at suicide is the ultimate selfish act (perhaps it is me that is thinking selfishly). Another part thinks it’s a bitter release for that person whose demons chase them . Either way the impact it has on those around them is devastating to say the least. When I receive the call that he had died I struggled with what to say.
    Recalling the last conversation I had with him before his death. It was very short, I confirmed an appointment for some repairs. Then out of nowhere I felt like I had been sucker punched in the gut. The words roll out of my mouth without thought. I ask if he is ok because he doesn’t seem himself. The reality being that I don’t really know him to make that assessment, but at the moment I am prompted to say it. He tells me there are things going on with his family but he will be ok. I give him my best smile and tell him that I am a great listener and we can talk anytime he needs to. I tell this to his sister, she asks me if I knew him well. No, I didn’t. We had one conversation about a week before when I was assessing the damages in his apartment. I noticed his music collection, which was hard to miss. His apartment was decorated with vinyl albums. We talked about the instruments we own and play, our love of Latin music, and the eclectic collection of music on our ipods. The conversation turned to motorcycles for a minute and that was all.
    I expressed my condolences one more time with a shaky voice and she apologizes for upsetting my day, she senses that I am holding back tears. I tell her that her brother was different. I enjoy different people and the way they see the world. It is sad that he was not able to share that with more people before he passed. She thanks me, I can feel that she truly means it and we hang up. I turn to my coworker and let her know that I need to take a minute and step outside. Thoughts are running rampant. I could have done or said more, called someone, checked up on him later that day. How selfish was I that I got sucked into my day that I didn’t stop to make sure he was going to be alright.
    When I walk back into my office my coworker tries to sooth me. She tells me there is nothing I could have done to help him. He had probably made up his mind well before that last conversation we had. I had no idea how closely my coworkers watch me, for what she says next startles me back to reality. She says, “We’ve been working together for two months now. I have watched you interact with people. With some people you step forward into conversation and others you put distance between. I have been meaning to ask you why you do this.” Now I find myself explaining something that is hard for some to understand. I am an intuitive and I am very sensitive to others energy. I step back when it is negative. I put the distance between them and myself almost like protecting my energy from theirs. When someone has positive energy, I step into it. It’s hard not to want to bask in it for a minute. It’s hard to put into words but it feels wonderful. That’s what makes this kids death hard. I felt that energy coming from him and it grabbed me and all I could manage to do was smile and offer a listening ear.

  7. There are many schools of thought as to what happens after you die. My closet friend believes that there is nothing after you die and he certainly does not believe in a creator or God. He reacently had a friend pass away suddenly. It devastated his close knit group of friends. As he was trying to process his feelings he said to me that the hard part for him is knowing that he would never be able to talk to him again. So I challenge his thinking. “J, as an acupuncturist you believe that the body consists of chi (energy). Does energy die or cease to exist?” I see his mind starting to wonder at the possibility. “No, it doesn’t but where does the energy go when a person dies?” I don’t have the answer to that one for him but I have my own personal belief. “J, perhaps our energy gets recycled into the universe, who knows. To me death isn’t final and I don’t believe that we can’t speak to our loved ones who have passed on. I have many acquaintances that have heard a still small voice prompt them to do things. You know, that part of you that tells you something is going to happen and you chose to trust it or ignore it. Who says it’s not our loved ones? Who says that we can’t communicate with them in the same way?”
    “I am not like you Anna. I don’t see or feel things the way you do.”
    “ It’s a good thing you aren’t like me, what fun would that be.” I joke. “It’s because you like noise and distraction. You have to have background noise. You sleep with the tv on, you always have your radio on, and you are always talking to someone. I simply take the time for silence and I listen to my thoughts. I know which ones are mine and which aren’t. I have taken the time to get to know who I am and to see things for what they really are. Anyone can do this but most are too busy.”
    I still myself and I start to listen. His friend’s energy came to me the day before so it is easy to tap into. “J, is there something you want to say or know.” Of course this is followed by many questions that I obviously wouldn’t know how to answer on my own and no one has shared with me. I didn’t interact with this man when he was alive, so he believes me. Frankly, I would have been slightly offended if he didn’t since we have been best friends for 6 years.
    “Anna, I didn’t know you could do that. I know that you are a great intuitive healer this is something I didn’t expect.”

  8. “Frankly J, I wasn’t sure I could either. It wasn’t a skill I really practiced and I have always passed it off like I tried to yesterday. Yesterday morning I was woken up by the feeling that someone had sat down on the side of my bed. You know how your mattress sinks down when someone sits or lays on it. I woke up thinking that one of my kids had come in and wanted to snuggle in bed. I sat up and no one was there. I passed it off as sleepiness and went about getting ready for work. All of a sudden I am hit with such intense emotion that I am uncontrollably sobbing on my bathroom floor. I start to freak out a little because I have no clue what has come over me and I am afraid that I have just lost my mind. Then there is peace, I still myself and I listen. I promise to relay messages to the people he cares about and here we are. So, you can believe me or not. I am cool with it, I kept my promise. You were the easy one, now I have to talk with D. You know what was eye opening for me with all of this? I need to learn to trust myself and not think I am going nuts.”
    “What makes you say that, you know I trust you?”
    “Because the day before Digger died I was talking to my landscaping vendor in the parking lot and something told me that he was going to have a heart attack. I thought the He was my landscaper since that was who was in front of me at the moment. I stood there unsure of what to do. I certainly wasn’t going to tell this man to go see his doctor as soon as possible.” I need to trust and find a way to act on what I know.

    It’s taken me a greater portion of the week to write this and while writing someone else has decided to end his own life. I guess my point here is: Make your loved ones your priority. Take time to listen to your instincts and act on them. Show gratitude for what you have. Share your love with others. Make every day count. Death is not the end , it’s a new beginning.



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