Monday, May 6, 2013


Driving across the wide open space of Indiana. The early morning air, the sun coming up, and my mind is awake and alert. Peaceful feelings inside as the world wakes up and begins its morning rhythm.

Lyrics tumble around in my mind as things in my life occur. What's inside me, somehow wants to emerge in lyrical or poetic form. Always that unsung tune, that tries to take form so I can express what I'm feeling.

Misunderstood, distant, and perhaps I would even admit to sadness lately. "I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go..." (Life of Pi). Letting go is so hard for me! I don't want to! Yet i know that change is ever constant and sometimes I have difficult time with it. No fault to pin. No blame to assign. Just change and the evolution of life will often times bring joy, and other times bring sorrow.

Holding strong to that which anchors me. I've learned, and even repeated to others, that "Sorrow can not take root in a grateful heart"... Trying to count my blessings (for they are many)...

Bom Día.... from the open roads of Indiana...


  1. so good, just like the other ones!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. The fluidity of your thoughts and feelings come to life for the reader. I can feel the sense of reflection that only traveling on the open road can bring to a person....solitude and clarity.
    What really comes to my mind when I read this post is a some thing that I have wondered for a long time about actors. Some actors are so convincing in their roles it's like they have put all of their energy and Chi into their character to make it real for the viewer. How do they not lose themselves? When it's over how do they not feel a small since of loss or sadness. This is some thing they did with all their being. Maybe all actors need "distance" for grounding. I might not ever have those questions answered but I do have an appreciation for those who entertain.
    There is one other thought that comes to mind. It's my mothers voice asking....when was the last time you connected with God and is that the distance that you really feel. If you feel misunderstood then maybe your suppose to seek understanding first.

  3. What is it about the open road? I do my best thinking on the open road... I always finish refreshed and resolved.

  4. Your post reminds me of my favorite poem "Footprints in the Sand." Life can be a constant struggle but you are never alone. God always provides guidance if you listen. (I took that line from one of your movies as you know. I couldn't help myself but there is a lot of truth to that :).) I feel that God shows us signs often. Often when we struggle.
    Whatever struggles you are going through, I hope God gives you the strength and patience to overcome them. Life is a blessing. Experiences, good and bad, make you who you are today. I hope you enjoyed Indiana...the open road. -Elizabeth

  5. I just happened upon your blog today and have really enjoyed reading it. I think you touch on what all of us go through at times. Life really is a mixture of joys and sorrows as life changes all around us. I love the quote you shared about sorrow not being able to take root in a grateful heart! I am sure that is true! I feel it has given me some perspective as I face life's current challenges. Thank you for sharing such uplifting messages!



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