Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knock knock ... it's fate knocking

"Fate rarely calls on us at a moment of our choosing"...
Optimus Prime (Haha)
I heard this the other day, and loved it... I ask myself... do I respond when fate comes knocking? I can say that I have responded at times, and at other times..., I haven't responded at all. I often wonder if that will bring sorrow and regret. Perhaps, but then the question is, how does one know when it's fate calling, or the meanderings of our own minds? Good question to ask, and even better... to find the answers to this one! :)


  1. ahhh Optimus Prime...great moments and opportunities don't usually come around when its convenient for you. Every individual will be faced with this truth ...fate has never yielded to any human, but every human has faced what fate would have them do.. but every human has accepted their fate one way or another regardless if they wanted to or not...hence the tattoo on the back of my neck.. DESTINY..in ancient Chinese text..I chose that location in honor of the belief that..my fate is etched in stone (my skin) and I cant see it (back of my neck.

    Transformers 2.. being only a hot movie last summer really had some deep intellect and wording behind the stunning graphics with that quote standing out.. I believe we are given our paths long before we enter the womb and its either left or right at the forks in the road we encounter that define us. another great quote by the great Led Zepplin.. or Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, is "There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run...there's still time to change the road your on".. I personally believe that.. There are two possible paths left or right..and a million or so forks in the road.. so some people weave left to right..others just prefer one side.. mathematically that is a lot of different outcomes.. What you act on..and what you regret or don't regret is all determined by the classic right or left.. not all roads are traveled frequently..some have pot holes..and others are fresh new pavement...

  2. I enjoyed your thoughts... I agree and subscribe most of the things you said. By the way...even though you took a pop-shot at my simple off the cuff comment I sent VIA TEXT to my blog... I don't think every comment requires a "deep level of intelect" to just share something that crosses my mind. After all, it is my blog :). Easy tiger :)
    However, that being said. I did enjoy your thoughts. Life presents those forks in the road, and we are able to shape and travel as we wish. In the end it's our opportunity to choose "Right or Left"...

  3. not a pop-shot hunny...not at all!..you know me ;)..I always think deep and analyze to the fullest..and I love to write..lol..Whether its one word or a thousand I'm pondering on at the moment..I just put down whats in my head..sorta like yourself! (I believe I had a few glasses of wine too!)

  4. "how does one know when it's fate calling, or the meanderings of our own minds"

    That's simple Matthew. When fate is beckoning, the results will always line up with the will of God.

  5. By the way, I was just wondering if you're a Christian...

  6. Yes, I am a Christisn :) and thank you for your comments. The hardest decission seem to be the ones where you're choosing between two rights. Not just between "right and wrong"...a lot of times "the will of God" is for US to choose and learn... Those decisions in life, where either one us ok with God, but as you look at the impact this decision will have ten years later...the impact of your decisions are so major... Those are the ones when I wonder if fate is calling on me, or is the meandering of my mind and emotions...?
    "Follow clarity". Is what my mother always says. Clarity seems to be one of the deciding factors in the end for me... :)
    What are your thoughts?

  7. Clarity is a good choice. It is void of confusion, and is usually the choice we know, deep down inside, we should make but for some reason, delay.

    Whatever dilemma you are facing, ask yourself:

    -whether or not it aligns itself with your purpose in life

    -in the grand scheme of things, how important is it really

    -will it take you off course in anyway

    -is it a solid means to an end or will it result 'in' a dead end

    What I can say from life's experience is, the thing we so desperately want usually in not the thing God wants for us. However, because of free will, he will sometimes "allow" us to have it if we are sure we can live with the consequences:)



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