Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

To my Father, and the men in my life, that took it upon themselves to go out of their way on my behalf as I grew up... There were even small things that were done that I remember as a young man. You remembered my birthdays,... you stepped in when I needed it and bailed me out so many times. You put me on a mission, and encouraged me with your prayers and letters. You taught me to fight and focus on that which I want. You taught me with your good and bad examples, that in the end, teach how to...and how NOT my life.
I write this and thank you for your hand in shaping me... I have much to learn to measure up to most of you, but I am trying. I am "willing" to try and try again, as we all journey in this thing called life.
I watched my brother and his wife today, as they prepare to welcome yet another child into the world. They are an example to me, in being grounded in what's really important. They are a team and truly are co-creators as they create and raise their young family...
I love my brothers, and they are great Dads.
Happy Fathers' Day to all reading, and to MY DAD!! God bless!!

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  1. Your father & brother sound like true men. You are very fortunate. Not all of us had fathers like that.

    God bless



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