Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chillin with my little one...

Woke up this morning an watched the world cup soccer match between USA and Algeria. Donavan scoring the only goal in the last minute of play!!!

So sweet to watch our team win, and make it to the final 16 teams... GO USA!!
Avery and I are just hanging out today, and enjoying being lazy... She wants to write something too:

Avery: Hi im Avery... Matthews daughter. My favorite colors are light Pink, baby blue,and lime green. I am 9 and a half years old. I love to dance, sing, and cook. My daddy thinks Im a good cook. If you where wondering what kind of dance I do i will tell you, I do ballet,ballroom, Jazz, and gymnastics. xoxoxoxoxo Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye.

A kiss from Avery on a victorious morning for the USA! Summer is officially here, and kidos make it so much fun!


  1. Hi Matthew & Avery,
    Thank you Avery for writing to us too. You sound like quite a busy young lady at nine years old with the different types of dance, gymnastics, and cooking too. I've been cooking since I was nine years of age too and I still love cooking. So, what's the last great thing you made for your Dad? Be sure to cook up something new and different (that you haven't made him before) for my favorite upcoming holiday in November - - Thanksgiving! I love that holiday because you can spend it with friends and family having a great time, going to and/or watching parades, watching sports on TV, eating, relaxing, and just making it a great day to give 'thanks'. No matter what problems people have, when you think about it, there are also many things to be grateful for and give thanks. xoxoxoxoxox back at you Avery! I hope you're doing well in school too. That's very important! :-) Be good and take care! See ya...
    Sandra Dee "That's Me"

  2. Afortunado de poder disfrutar esos inolvidables momentos with your girl!! Thanks for compartir this words from Avery!! se nota que she is smart like her daddy!! Adriana, from Uruguay



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