Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids weekend...

Went out last night... Just me and the Kids. Shopping and then dinner at The Mayan. Cliff divers, fun food, and three dorks (that would be US). :) Love them to death, and looking forward to a fun summer!



  1. I think I should remind you of a little known secret that hopefully just slipped your mind during the kid-bliss. Now remember, only a privileged select few know about it! It would be too dangerous to have the world know about it. So keep it hush-hush, okay?


    The dorks (also the geeks, dweebs, and nerds) are hip and they know how to REALLY have fun! :)

  2. Sweet to see how much of your heart is in those 4 short sentences. Your children are lucky to have a dad who loves them so much. :)



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