Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love Struck

I just spend some time with an angel... She has green eyes, and she warms my heart...


  1. Awe, thanks. And we had a blast! Next time we should go dancing! :)

    Oh... wait... :(

    My eyes aren't green, they're hazel...

    sigh... Oh well...

    lol ;)

  2. leilani, you are a wit. You made this old grandmother smile. You should start your own blog, here at Blogger, with your thoughts of wisdom. I hope you're keeping a journal.

    Take care.

  3. desertpalm, thanks! :) You made ME smile. :) I actually do have my own blog. Click on my name and you'll be taken to my profile page where there is a link to "My Realm." Most of it is my own thoughts and a little is stuff I've found interesting elsewhere. My journal isn't perfectly kept, despite being a writer, but I don't completely ignore it. :)



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