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Personal Values...


A personal value is absolute or relative and ethical value, the assumption of which can be the basis for ethical action. A value system is a set of consistent values and measures. A principle value is a foundation upon which other values and measures of integrity are based.
Value (personal and cultural) - Wikipedia

Personal values are the rules we accept by which we choose to live our lives...  The agreements we accept as OUR truths.  Some things are true no matter what, and are not subject to opinion or philosophy.  Examples:  Water is wet...the sky is blue...Halle Berry is HOT! (Lol ;)  ... but what about "personal" values?  The things that are true and constant TO YOU?  I'm curious to explore this topic with those willing to share!

Are your values ones that YOU endorsed and chose, OR were they given to you?..,and do you willingly (and often times blindly) accept them because it's "just what you were taught"?...or do you endorse a belief system that is of YOUR choosing?

Do (or did) your values and personal agreements come from a source?  Some believe their source is their own heart and soul.  Some believe their source is God.  Some say alignment with the Universe.  Others believe their source is simple education and intellectual exploration.  Plenty of sources and personally...I believe in all of those "sources"..!!  The sources from which our personal values and agreements are formed and accepted.  Regardless of your "source"...the end results are a set of personal values.  The rules by which we will live our lives.

They say that true happiness is obtained by adhering to, and living in alignment with ones' core inmost values...

Will you please share with me?  What are YOUR values by which you have chosen to live your lives?  Are you true to them?


    Author : Maryse CANOVAS

    Definitely, you surprise me still pleasantly by your words ! Your thoughts are always wise and reflect the experience of meditation that touches me deeply.
    I thank you for allowing us to share such a beautiful and vast subject because we hear so much today about individualism and some of its negative effects.
    Apart from any perversion, younger generations are naturally in the direction of quests, shaping the environment, desire for autonomy, independence that mankind desires tend to progress, and that, sometimes a speed that amazes us!
    However, despite the technology and the expression of more complex research material comfort increasingly sophisticated, there remain fundamental conditions which we can’t escape and which have always been parts of our construction, as a human being. For indeed, these situations inevitably involve choices, as they are experienced in a personal way and every individual is capable of integrating with its own faculties, to make personal references.

    The questions you pose particular challenge me because of the relationship, then, between the existing general (those of the world around us and sometimes even shaping us) and we need either admit or recognize as choice as an individual.

    Our scales of values, and the construction thereof, are made through our own experience of life, I think.

  2. Part 1/4
    Author: Maryse CANOVAS


    Human values, it is, to me, first and foremost things that constitute the human being in full health (body health, of course, but health all that has to be human mind, will, etc.); these are the things that come as materials in the "human construction," as if Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    But it is the activity that manifests QUALITIES that identify the values in the first sense. Faith is a good example, if we consider what the apostle Jacques said: "Faith without works is dead" Jacques 2: 17.
    The value of a person, an animal, a plant, a tool is the ability to act in a certain way, it is an ability to perform a function. Their value manifests and therefore welcomes logically for me, in the YEAR of aptitude.

    We talk about the value of family and education in the same way as the MEANS TO ACHIEVE THE PURPOSE which themselves are the values in the first sense.

    The values thus construct a purpose and not independently of any finality.

    However, personal values must they always be a legacy of the collective unconscious ... I prefer to think not!
    For example, if a crow shoots an ominous cry, why I let myself be overwhelmed by sadness? I prefer to think that I cry omen may be nothing wrong, and that we must first try to see why it was pushed ...:)
    It would be better, so in my opinion, to personally investigate the reason for any belief or perceived "truth" to admit, the main purpose of casuistry.

    But in reality, it’s best to remember that not everything is always good to say or reveal ... Karl Marx, for example, has learned to his cost when one day he confronted his opponents in the Communist Manifesto, in which he believed get by with a metaphorical subterfuge stating "Christian Socialism, he says, is the holy water with which the priest consecrates the rancor of the aristocracy"... His desire to convey to people's personal values on the class struggle was perhaps initially an honorable thing, but the result tells us that we do not play with fire, and some values are sometimes more advantageous when not disclosed. :)

    However, our inner wealth is nevertheless, admittedly, often borrowed from the values passed by the people we appreciated for their example (this is again the importance of the action, practical wisdom, and not just the thought that staying would be sterile abstract, whatever the domain for which it was intended!).

    Because we identify with this and those we love or we loved with all our might and with all the adherence of our mind; losing these "guardians" sometimes we lost a part of ourselves.
    I talk so far of course, intellectual or moral values.

    But what about material values ?

  3. Part 2/4
    Author: Maryse CANOVAS


    It would be logical to think that our personal values are based on what we appreciate and love. However, to say that a flower loves the sun, is not a metaphor, as is the idea of devouring eyes. For indeed, "To gaze gridily" at someone or at something is a sign that betrayed love, but in my humble opinion, especially when LEVEL want to place the desire to knowingly ...

    Sunflower, as the name suggests ("who turns to the sun") as we love the sun, which in part depends, as all life; But turning to the "light" is a purely human act ... Therefore, what is our "sun" staff? To what source of life do we turn? This source is undoubtedly "condition" our existence, the foundation of it, so our purpose and therefore our values?

    The values we choose eventually materialize in our actions and our words. But can the reputation to be a reflection of perfection of being, safe values and as imitable?
    I do not think, because nobody is perfect! I say this simply because I felt, through personal experience, professional or student, the POWER, acquired by certain 'teachers' and Lecturers (in Humanities, Law ..) seemed to them grant superiority, an ability to rise above the others, because of the education they have acquired.
    I'm not there, the trial of scholars, I respect! :)
    No, my desire is to illustrate concretely what the human being, far from perfect, can happen to think of himself; As we could, with purely human values, to feel that we are reaching the limit of "excellence", to give oneself the illusion of "superiority", but is it really the case? Personally, I think we are little in the universe of God's creation and we must put in perspective about the level where we think are our personal values, human.

    The questions I asked myself then, are the following:

    • If the highest human values are only relative, so where are the superior values?

    • These values really exist?

    Though, if we accept that the POWER (acquired through education, financial success or any other means ...) can be presented as a shortcut to excellence, and thus generate value model, JTF allows us to recognize however, than the man is ridiculous compared to that of God, and that the HUMAN ILLUSION is ephemeral, because the reality of our limitations is responsible for establishing the difference between our best and DIVINE POWER, through the creation, for example.
    I personally feel the beauty of power and wisdom of God, looking just like David was, or admiring a starry mountain sky. And I can proudly say that it puts my personal values to their level. I love nature and its beauty that reminds us how we should be humble and simple in our life, and above all pursue peace and balance! This is in part, reasoning that since my preteen and encourages me to turn to God, and to cultivate the desire to acquire SPIRITUAL VALUES.

    To answer your question, Matthew:

    My parents have imposed on me, from my personal values, religion, or have faith? The answer is NO! And I am eternally grateful to my parents for that!
    This recognition is justified by the fact that, themselves believers, and more or less practitioners, they had the courtesy to encourage me to get my personal spiritual path, hoping that education and communication that they offered me about it, could guide my choices.

    Sometimes education simply desire or pretend to multiply promises to acquire noble values, or at least in the standards of society, within the first corporate entity we know from a very young child, that is to say the family.
    Accept this as a natural process does not seem unusual to me. Especially as it should prevent normally never the child from progressing in his individuation, if he has the desire of it, and it through his own explorations of the life.

    Without transition, I will pass the spiritual to carnal (forgive me this indiscretion, Matthew.) Lol! :))

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  5. Neat Post, Matt.

    I think to a certain degree, our belief system and values are established in us at a very young age, through the circumstances and lifestyles we live. Most parents have children and already have set in their minds what they want their children to believe and value before those children are even born.
    I think that as children live out that life, everything they 'take in', helps set those values. Many people think that if a child lives in a loving home, they will learn love, and in turn, show that love to others. I however believe, that an abused child, who longs for love all of their young years may have an even greater capacity to love because they know how it feels like to go unloved. Our values can come from many things, but sometimes I think we learn those values inadvertently, receiving the opposite of that value, causing us to realize the things we truly want and cherish.

    Most of my values did indeed come from my upbringing. However, I would say that those values have been 'tweaked'. I'm the sort that has to know the 'why' behind everything, I wont just follow blindly or take ones word for it. I have to find it out for myself. As a child, I was considered strong willed, but as an adult, I find myself able to be steady, consistent, peaceful, and navigate life with ease, because I'm constantly learning, and 'owning' that which I believe, and my life in general. I'm very independent. The things I value are usually set in stone, but I think each of those values have a different level of importance. The more I learn, the more those values increase or decrease in level of importance.

    As far as *what* I value... Ultimately I value truth. Anything based on truth, is always freeing. The majority of my values, have all stemmed from learning truth. Those truths come from God, his word, a constant pursuit of personal growth and learning.


  6. Hi,
    I'd like say what you wrote about personal values makes sense... Kate has right also whole life we changing our personal values... we looking for something...maybe we looking for who we are truly... what is important for me?hmm... I value sincerity, respect for our life (we live our lives just one time), love.. and the last one live in harmony with my conscience (this part isn't easy especially now when I live far away from home)...


  7. I believe the Bible holds true today as it did from the beginning. Did I believe all the teachings I was taught, no, and for this I was labeled the wild child. Albert Einstein said it best when he made this statement, "The woman who follows the crowd usually goes no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before." I lost two childhood friends due to the indifference our church taught us, which made me make a profound change in my beliefs. Now, that I am a single parent of a young man I am instilling him with the same beliefs I hold dear, in order to make the world a better place!��



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