Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love is....

Love is... "The WILL to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own, or another's, spiritual growth"
: M. Scott Peck M.D.
I like that! I read that the other day, and it has stuck with me for a while. The "WILL" speaks of one's intent. If one has WILL, it doesn't always mean they will be 100% (for nobody is perfect), but they will show actions and clear intent to make a priority and "extend one's self"... Sacrificing and giving up of one's self. At times putting aside one's own needs and desired (not entirely!). All for the purpose of nurturing one's own (love and respect of one's self is necessary in order to love others fully)... or another's spiritual growth. Regardless if others are serving our purposes or not!! Often times, love and acceptance is ONLY shown to another, IF they are serving our purposes and "doing it our way". Is that love? We are taught that we should love ALL mankind. Acceptance, tolerance, and love. Even when and if others are not doing things that serve us. That doesn't mean we are to allow ourselves to be walked on or abused, yet maintaining a feeling of peace and love towards others, and letting go of past mistakes, and how others wronged us...that's part of loving in this life. Even allowing others to move on from their mistakes, is what we must all learn to do. So often couples stack up this ledger and list of past mistakes and "things you did to hurt me"... and when it's most convenient in a fight or to gain leverage, one will throw the list of wrong doings at the other. Holding them in that light of mistakes forever. Allowing ourselves and others to make mistakes, recognize them, learn from them, and leave them behind, and spiritually grow...? (not always easy to do)... but necessary, if we really love someone, or love ourselves, or even love at all!
Let go of mistakes, and learn to see and even remember the good in ourselves, others, and in the world around us. :)


  1. Matthew, when I started, this weekend to go back on your blog, I found your post below, and I loved, loved, loved this post ! Oh my God, I had to answer !
    Please, forgive me for doing so late, Matthew... Moreover, it’s true that I read your blog a little upside down, backwards in time, I hope you will forgive me that too :)...

    I wanted to let you share both my questions and what I think about love in general.

    Part 1/2 by Maryse CANOVAS

    Love is ... an open window on ourself ?

    What is love? We all asked it a day, at least I hope so ... Love is there a set of molecule, an extremely powerful and universal emotional state, an explosion of hormones (oxytocin and dopamine) at the brain (that's what I learned on the subject during my nurse studies.
    But I hope that love is more than that, because it remains a mystery to me that we will continue to explore all our lives ... why not ?

    For me, the power of love can be seen in the possibility it offers to link to them, and here I am not talking only of the sexual act and the merger of the two bodies, no, it accounts for me an art, a doubly personal commitment in fidelity and loyalty, which can only be done if every being who wants to give the other loves himself ... first. This first approach is only my opinion, but if I say this is that I think we do not have what it is not! .. I mean to love oneself should allow the same as our growing maturity to have the desire to know that after yourself as best as possible, to be able to turn to each other because we know what we can and can not bring him . Desire can not remain intact in time on this condition that the art of love becomes, just a way of life...

    The other is the key in the choice to love

    Love for me is like building a work of art, a masterpiece. Yes I think we are building our love story !

    And the other ?

    I decided to opt for the vision I love taking as an example the feelings of a great artist Michelangelo. The sculptor said he was cutting gradually a stone block to achieve the ideal form he had seen in him.
    If I took this example is that I think we can bring love to a personal disposition that is born in the heart and mind and that is to be worked out as a shaped by two being that become in time as a work of art.
    It can’t be seen not admirable potential of the other completely initially, at least our eye does not see, but life can make us discover. Of course, initially there must have the material (boulder) for the work to take shape, and the material is discovered in the feelings and acts that do not leave us indifferent to the other. But of course, this block of stone is not always perfect at the start and this is the work of the artist who will make wonderful.

    The greatest artist of love

    For me, the greatest artist is God, he proves it through his creation (Romans chapter 1 verse 20) through nature he created and his greatest creation is the Man! It shapes us through His word, the Bible, and the desire to make us more comfortable, closer to him and his perfection ... and if we allow ourselves to be shaped by him, we will value.
    Moreover, we find the most beautiful detailed definitions of love in the Bible in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verses 4-7.

    I think the Bible is a book that can help us discover the "ideal self" to which we aspire, as it is like a mirror. This sacred book is realistic, because it made us realize that, paradoxically, love does not grow on trees, but it takes effort to imperfect humans that we are.

    To love is to question oneself spiritually and learn to trust each other (that's what I have are the hardest to do for certain events ... I hope God will forgive me !).

  2. PART 2/2 – By Maryse CANOVAS

    When it comes to love ...

    When we manage to really love someone, I think we managed to switch the desire to donate.
    For me true love is felt when one is able to be, above all else, themselves, without a mask, and that we are ready to move forward with the partner we want for life in n 'any circumstance and respecting individuality.

    I think that even if sexual contact their part in the relationship, sex is not for me cement construction of the couple, because both spouses have individual needs which sometimes requires knowing a certain distance even in a couple, a bubble of privacy and freedom, and sometimes, unfortunately, it is perceived by one spouse as a defect that can cause weakness in the couple. This is not my opinion, because Jesus felt the need to isolate himself from time to time.

    It’s true that one can say or write a lot of love to offer, but you can rightly say that words are nothing more than words ... and sometimes the reality appears much more difficult manage and can become a daily event.

    I would compare them about the effort that we could do to climb a mountain; Because no effect, it seems necessary first to prepare, to be decided and finally, to move in to provide many efforts to the top ... and if we decide to do together? Then it should first accept the limits of the other, but the beauty of the act lies in the fact that the stronger wants to encourage the other to progress and the lowest would fully trust your partner and prove also he wants to show the other makes him want to progress in life, and for me it is one of the best proofs of love.

    Perfect love doesn't exist.

    In this world, the being is imperfect, love is able to bring the attachment and detachment ... But it is not as pure as that of God gives us, do we love, but leave concerned that a systematic effort be even imperfect desires to do to love us? I think not !

    But I recognize that past hurts sometimes come back to haunt our thoughts, sort of resurgence for iterative feelings, personal references from a negative impression of the past ... love is sometimes stronger than us!
    I do not want to stay on a negative note, but I honestly admit that I have sometimes experienced sex with a procession of opposition, fear of doubt, which gradually removes the "relief" to sculpture the construction of the couple, creating ambiguous situations, able to score a long sensitive heart; This kind of grotesque situations appear when one realizes that the personality of the other suddenly makes his true appearance and that we are far from imagining how much we do not know this or that aspect of her personality in accompanying us ... It's sort of like a cold shower (and it now Matthew, you know what it's from your participation in ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE LOL :) !
    Revelation is sometimes brutal, but it should not be considered unforgivable, considering that we ourselves can, at some point, disappoint the other due to an imperfection ... and I really think that perfect love does not exist !!

    The time..

    Generally, films, popular songs strive to describe a brilliant emotional passion, supreme welfare from an idyllic union ... well-placed between two be ... But ... I think true love is not limited to these simplistic degrees of feelings.
    We must learn to know the spouse with whom we share our daily accept in all its aspects and to respect that, I think time does not call into question the nobility of feeling.
    Not for me, time is not an enemy in the couple, because I actually believe that it takes time to get to understand the heart of a person.
    It seems to me that the disposition of mind of a person's and his heart is to seek circumvented the first to forge a lasting union elements.
    I think that love consist to know the wisdom of the heart.

    Thank you for accepting these few modest comments !
    Thank you too for what you are and for the efforts that you do for us to share your feelings, Matthew !! God bless you and bring you all the happiness you deserve ! 
    Maryse CANOVAS



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