Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's YOUR measuring stick...?

You wake in the morning, and you do your morning routine.  You get ready for your day and I'll bet you (like most people these days) log into a social media outlet and start to see what "cool" looks like today.  The amazing body we should have, the house we should be living in, the style of clothes we are supposed be buying, the cars we should be driving, and what the perfect continual state of "being in love" looks like.
The take away from such a daily experience is:  "Wow, look at how short I fall of what I (and my life) "should be".

Occasionally, however, we see things that knock some sense into the warped social media perception that resonate with reality, and allow us to wake up a bit.  Such is what happened to me this morning as I had the exactly morning that I have just explained.  It was someone (whom I have never met) that posted the following:
Life measured through social media (such a limited manipulated filter) consisting of mostly strangers that we have never met.  Why do we do it?

Now I don't think there is anything wrong with using these images to inspire or motivate ourselves...  (kind of like a "vision board")  However, when it's looked at in the light of exposing our own lack and the LACK thereof is what receives our energy?  I believe that can be very unhealthy for our own mental and emotional state.  If we focus on lack, then what will grow..?  Lack!  Yet, if these images are used to inspire us to climb higher, yet not forgetting the good that we ALREADY are and already HAVE... then it can be extremely healthy in that specific light.  #perspective
The measuring sticks that we use these days (social media, and even religious demands on what "perfect" is supposed looks like) and the unbelievable ways that they cause us to feel "less than"..."unworthy"..."sinners"...  I think this can certainly work in ways that cause more harm than good!  How can we possibly measure ourselves with "perfection"?

Instead, why don't we just identify what we want, get excited about our own lives, then give it our best?!  As we progress toward what WE want, then we can measure each day with our OWN measuring stick?  Are we progressing from last month to this current month?  Sometimes it's hard to see progress day by day (because bad days DO come along for us all)...but look back 6 moths, a year, a couple of years.

"Years know things that days never knew"
       ~ Gordon C. Peters

Are we generally working toward our personal goals and doing our best?
What's the overall trend of your life from a year ago?  Doing better?  Worse?  The same?  Are we so concerned with what we're not, that it's causing us to miss out on what actually "IS"and who we ARE...?!?!?!  Who cares if you don't have the same life as others!  You have YOURS'!... and you really can simply focus on what you are and what IS!  Everyday just LIVE and be grateful, and life all of a sudden become pretty damn Awesome!  The more one focuses on what they do have in their life, the more what they have does grow.
(Hmmmm... think on that one a bit ;)

You do YOU!  Live and Let Live!!  yet let's STOP comparing ourselves to people we don't even know!

Very interested in your thoughts which I do invite them all!


  1. Hello Matthew,

    First of all, thank you for sharing this beautiful post. You have a real gift to challenge consciences ! :)

    Here are some of my thoughts on this.

    Comparisons may sometimes have a positive aspect; We can realize that there is a wide variety of ways of thinking, acting and feeling, and knowledge can help us to have a broader view of our existence.
    However, I think that seeking to resemble others, to pursue the same success, for example, represents for me a very negative side: we limit our ability to develop our talent our originality.
    We are not Robots. No one is a true copy. I have seen many parents put hope in their child so that it becomes a kind of copy of themselves ... I find it a shame, but I respect everyone's choice. Of course, it can happen that the child chooses to follow the same traces as his / her parent because he / she will have appreciated the values ​​that his / her father has inculcated, and this is commendable!
    However, I am persuaded that no one has experienced our experiences in the same way as we do, since each person has his / her own history, and each of us must learn to estimate, love ourselves, accept ourselves, and It is a long way that continues throughout our life. If we lack motivation and perseverance, because we initially chose only to be on a path, not to explore other paths, we will only be the shadow of ourselves.
    I often prefer to prefer more fully what has lived, that life has marked and that continues to give of itself, to advance in spite of everything; This is also valid for people as for objects ... the side "rugged" pleases me! I may be weird, but I'm so ... LOL !!
    Getting to know us is, in my eyes, the most extraordinary journey one can make, the most moving, no doubt.
    Some people may be afraid of being different because when we want to assert ourselves, to assume our choices, can disturb other people who will criticize us ... Do we still have to go always In the sense of the crowd, I do not believe, or at least not, before I have really reflected on what it implies for ourselves, vis-à-vis our own values, our conscience.
    The "us" sometimes seems to me faceless. Sometimes, where everyone thinks ... no one seems to think for himself, and sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable.
    But in reality, no one can penetrate into the consciousness of another person, apart himself, and it is through introspection and the confrontation of self and reality.

    Plains are necessary, but mountains are also necessary to make the landscape beautiful; It also requires heat and cold, so that the seasons are what they are, so beautiful.
    If we want to personally appreciate the others, we must first be oneself, and realize our inner differences, our strengths and weaknesses.

    Everyone should, first, be himself.
    I think that we should be strongly aware of our abilities, our weaknesses, learn to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes, in order to be able to be in peace with ourselves, and thus be able to project themselves into the future.
    When we morality to a child because he cheats , it's because we are persuaded that if the child doesn't learn by making his own mistakes he will not succeed in Life ; for us it's the same thing.
    We look for signs of approval, admiration, encouragement... it's normal, but cheating is useless ; Being yourself is more constructive!

    When we assume our singularity, despite the risk of encountering the misunderstandings of others, we can better appreciate life, learning to forgive oneself when we make mistakes, for we must be at peace with ourselves.

    Thanks for this exchange Matthew. :)

  2. I still want Eric Landry's house...just saying 😃



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