Saturday, March 26, 2011

Be Still...

The illusion of reality. How many times have we all experienced things in our lives, and then ask...Is this real? Weather the experience is good or bad... The ability to distinguish the difference between things that just happen and actual reality...

You meet someone, they are nice and/or cute and attractive, and they show what they want to show you, and you begin to think that you know them because of what you were shown... Do you really ever know someone by only what they are willing "to show"... Is that real? No, it really isn't. I guess interaction needs to start somewhere, and as we begin to get to know someone, the surface must be seen, yet then, over time, the as layers are peeled back, the persons' real self begins to come through. Most times, people are very different to what they let on, or project. I've done this too, and have sometimes been proud of what I really am, and other times, I've not been proud of what I've been. Being real and genuine is a rare thing these days. Something I have thought about so much over this last year... My Mother once asked me who I am... and I responded with things 'I do'..."I'm a Public Speaker. I'm a Film Producer. I'm a provider." ... She stopped me, and pointed out... "those are things you DO... But who are you"? It made me think. Do i know myself enough to actually answer that honestly? Do i even know the answer at all? At times Ihave felt like I know, others I admit I haven't known at all. I see people that entertain themselves, and are always rushing here and there...with this person, and now with that person... Do people ever take the time to face themselves, and learn who they REALLY are?... Are people willing to admit what they really are? Am I? Are we able to be honest enough with ourselves? Maybe... I would say for the most part, people don't because there is soooo much in the world today to entertain our minds, and "keep us going". Being still is a rare thing.
"Don't be afraid of the still waters, for that is where it's the deepest" Fast rapids that are always "on to the next" are shallow and short lived!... let them go onto the next...
"Be STILL, and know that I am God" (D&C)...

These are the thoughts in my mind right now... People that are in my life, or even re-entering my life... fast and seemingly entertained by shallow things of no meaning, are not attractive to me, and conflict with my soul... Things of meaning and substance are of interest to me...
Not to ALWAYS be heavy-handed, and Yes...I can relax and have fun...But sometimes, those still moments, that feed my soul... I want them, and even need them!

I can be still, not HAVE to be entertained constantly, and be ok with the silence... That's me!!

I would love to hear comments and hear what others think of this topic. What it means to YOU to "BE STILL"...


  1. "Be Still" means, to me, stopping and listening. I have to admit that with the way the world is today, and the way my life is panning out I don't do it as often as I probably should. I will say that I have come to realize that when I do there is this moment of clarity that happens, I begin to reflect back on the day or possibly day's leading up to then and think what could I have changed, how could have I done it differently. Then I stop and think about what God tell's us about being still. Another way I look at it as letting go, I have what I call a God Box, just a plain cardboard box I picked up at a craft store, when I remember to do it of course I write down a problem or situation I can't quite figure out or something I stress about, I crumple it up and put it in the box and forget it because I feel as though I'm physically putting it in his hands and being still like the calm after a storm.

    Hope this makes sense :)

  2. Being still, to me, isn't necessarily a physical stasis in which I stop and become one with…well, anything. A large part of my achieving stillness is to understand my ability to do.

    What I mean is that oftentimes people plan, plot, and worry about how they can mold and make things occur in the manner they deem best. Consequently, they feel as though they are often spinning their tires and are unable to gain traction. In order to counter this, and foster peace and stillness in my life, I strive to remember the mantra: That’s not in my boat. Saying this reminds me that if I am metaphorically stuck in a boat, with no oars, in the middle of a great expanse of water, there’s not a lot I can control. I can’t control the size of the waves or the amount of water sliding over the sides of the boat; worrying over the weather—be it a blazing sun, gusty wind, pending rain, or all out thunderstorm—serves no purpose; and which direction the waves, wind, and currents take me are out of my hands. All of those things are outside of my boat. Within my boat is me and the gathering water on the bottom of the boat – those are the only things I can control and should be the only things I worry about.

    So as I begin to feel overwhelmed, put upon, stressed, anxious, etc., I stop to consider what is making me that way and start determining if the things influencing me to feel in that manner are in my boat or not. Sadly, oftentimes I find that a number of these stressors are outside my boat, so I have to let them go, trust in God that whatever happens is for the best, and just focus on me and my actions. When I do this, I find my stillness.

  3. It takes confidence to be "still". I think it can actually be a scary thing for most people. We are constantly surrounded by others...friends, family, kids...we are not usually in a place to be "still". I am now in a place in life where I am alone at times. A huge change. I have the great opportunity to find out who I am. I'm not sure yet...I feel I have a blank page... to fill in who I am. We are given two great gifts.... time, and our freedom to choose what we do with that time. We need those moments of stillness to focus on who we are, who we want to become, and what we choose to do with each moment of our time. I am grateful for all my moments.

  4. For me,it's when I see or hear something that takes my breath away,like seeing a beautiful sunset.It's when time just stops and your don't hear the world around just feel.
    I love your insight and thoughts.

  5. I'm a mom. A wife. I have a calling in my church. I have my own business. I'm very involved with my family and friends. Life gets busy for everyone. For me, "be still" means this;
    Every night before bed, after every one is asleep, I grab my scriptures and I sit on the couch. Sometimes I read for a while. Other times I'll read for a few minutes and then what I'm reading will cause me to reflect on things in my life. With life being so crazy and hectic these days, people forget that the little things are important. I'm at fault for doing this. Having a half hour each night to think about my day or my week, to think about the good and the bad, helps me to be a better person. Turn off the phone, computer, tv, everything that distracts, and sit in quiet contemplation. Give yourself the chance to appreciate the little things in life. But you have to recognize them first.
    But that's just my opinion..

  6. I have do much enjoyed the comments that you have all shared. Thank you so much for the thoughts and time put into such in depth meaning to the topic of "Be Still". I loved the "not in my boat" thought! I have thought if it often. I hope that more will chime in and share. Please share this blog with others. That means more insite and even more learning. Love it love it love!!

  7. A few years ago, a "step-cousin" had gotten back in touch with me after a decade where we had lost touch. She happened to get ahold of me before my planned trip to visit relatives near where she lived, so I made arrangements to visit her for a 24 hour period. During that re-acquainted period, I got to meet her husband and four children, but we were rushed from one activity to another. We never got a chance to sit down and have a real conversation. It was all activity based.

    In a newsletter she had sent out at Christmas time, she recounted all the activities that keep her family busy and stated that she would not want it any other way. I was disappointed in the visit, because I'm very one on one with people and enjoy having deeply meaningful conversations with friends and family members. Nothing annoys me more than the interruption of a cell phone or another person from having such a conversation. There is real pleasure to be had in having a meaningful conversation with another person. I wish more people understood this.

    I sometimes see the chaos of other people's lives, particularly those that fill up every free minute with some activity. I read a quote somewhere that said something along the lines of "busy activity is meant to suggest a life of meaning", but in reality, it could be avoiding one's "issues." Being still, being alone, and not fearing what may come is a good thing.

  8. Brilliant blog there, Matt! I enjoyed reading it!
    For me, "being still" can sometimes be a struggle for me as a young man. While in my quest to be a strong man of faith, I feel like sometimes I failed God and the ones I love around me, because of my sins and failures, then so I get frustrated and impatient with both myself and God.
    But I always stop and think about what God has put me through before. And I look back in Psalms remembering to be still and wait patiently for God to give me the desires of my heart. It is a hard, but necessary journey and I thank God for getting me this far in life all because of my patience and trust in Him.

  9. Being still is pausing – even if only for the briefest moments – throughout your days to notice and give thanks for what is around (and within) you…both the big things and the little things. For it is only when you notice and appreciate the many little things, that you realize how important they are to you.

  10. I was going through my quote collection and found this...

    "Be still within, be calm. Do not try to overdrive your life. Be calm, do your work quietly; live as the flowers live, opening your heart to the sunshine of God's love." - White Eagle

    I think this would be a great way to live all the time.

  11. You once told me one morning about how you stayed up all night to be alone, pray, and listen. Then you showed me some pics and revealed who you really were by being completely honest with me. I think that was when I saw you stand the tallest and I respected you most. It has always been what I think of when I think of you. Thanks for writing this. Jay

  12. tossing the thought around and I can agree with everyone here easily... I know the part in the bible verse be still I clicked on biblegateway to read it again just because its been awhile

    and the verse of the day pops up

    “Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10 AMP

    Thats just crazy to me... im glad I found this blog its looking less and less like a random thing...

    looking over these comments I just see that it really is written in our hearts to do so... to be still.. sometimes we get the idea that we have to do this or that thing for God... like something I heard awhile back... that no amount of service for the king can make up for the neglect of the king himself... when the effort he wants sometimes if for us to knock it off and just chill with him...

  13. Matthew, you have to read this post:)
    I think there are some in the world who genuinely try to give off the impression of their true self from the get go. I perhaps feel that I have strived for that in my life. There are those in the world who allow genuine people to really shine. There are many genuine souls, but it takes two to tango in emotional genuine-ity:). Interaction is important-to prove that which is being spoken and/or portrayed is the truth. True colors will eventually shine through with interaction. I like to let my true colors shine through (which are Blue-Yellow:) haha from the moment upon meeting someone, however, not all allow for me to do so. If I don't feel safe; I reserve. I crave and thrive on one knowing my heart, mind and soul-above them knowing 'what I do' I want and need people to love me for 'who I am' which is so much more than what the flesh exhibits.

    "Be still and know that I am God" It's through the silent interactions with ourselves and our maker that we gain understanding of who we are-and who God is. Once we understand our relationship with God, the understanding of who we are falls into place, because who we are is in direct relation to our relationship with our creator. When you have a close friend who you are able to share perceptions and views with, the more you find those perceptions and views parallel and mesh together. The same is with God. The more we know Him and the more we communicate with him the more we understand his perception and views; the more we understand his perceptions-the more we see the world through his eyes; the more we perceive the world through his eyes-the more we see how he perceives us; the way he perceives us is where true understanding of self comes.
    I Loved this post:)
    I told you I was going to inundate your blog with comments. And I'm just getting started! I love the opportunity to think and challenge my thoughts and express that which I have learned verbally or through words. Thank you for the opportunity through your blog!

  14. Mathew I think your thoughts are amazing to the fact that noot many would think about these topics. Being still to me is where physically and mentally escape the materialized world and stop trying to impress others with actions that isnt truly you. This is where you can be open to yourself of who you really are. The ability to recognize your true self strengthens the mind in which you are able to accept the way you are, either if you are different colored, large or small (physically) or (emotionally) if you hate the world or anything for what it is, the time alone gives you time to think of why you hate it and then eventually leads you to questions yourself to if the reason why you hate something is a justifiable reason. Being able to be still is where you are in a peaceful environment without any distractions and just to admire what life has to offer, and it should not be taken for granite. One of my favorite quotes is "As death smiles upon us all. All man kind can do is smile back." I take this as, we have a very limited time on this earth and we should not be afraid of death or anything. We should be the person who we really are so as the end comes near we have no regrets.

  15. The word authentic comes to mind. Do we ever know who we really are? Personally, who I am changes as I evolve and grow. To be still is to find my center, my inner peace. It is where I hear my soul whisper. It guides me along my path of self discovery. It gives me strength, courage, comfort, joy, and renewal.

    "Be still
    And discover your center of peace.
    Throughout nature
    The ten thousand things move along,
    But each returns to the source.
    Returning to the center is peace.
    Find Tao by returning the source."
    Tao Te Ching

    Who am I.......wonderfully flawed (I say with a smile).



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