Sunday, September 6, 2015

Risks MUST be taken

"To laugh is to Risk appearing a fool.
To cry is to Risk appearing sentimental.
To be different is to Risk ridicule.
To reach out to another is to Risk involvement.
To love is to Risk not being loved in return.
To go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to Risk failure.
But Risks MUST be taken!...because the greatest Risk in life is to Risk Nothing;
The person who Risks nothing... does nothing, has nothing, is nothing!
Oh, that person may avoid suffering and sorrow, but they do not learn, love, live, or grow.
Chained by their own certitudes... they are slaves.
Only the person who takes Risks is FREE!"

 ~  Duane Barney  ~

This was given to me in such a rare way in my young twenties.  I was working as a new kid in the world of public speaking and I had the privilege to travel and work with Mr Barney for a number of years.  I use to listen to him quote this poem as he would challenge, lead, and inspire an audience to change.  As it was repeated in his speeches and talks around the world, these borrowed words eventually became my own words, and now act as one my life anchors.  His poem has always stuck with me!
It's interesting how we all reach into our collection of thoughts and values that act as anchors in our lives when the winds and waves of change come crashing over us.  Anchors are the pieces that hold it all together in the storms that come along.  When everything in life seems to be in complete shambles, the few things that DO make sense to us, and will ALWAYS resonate within our hearts and minds...Those are anchors!
I do take risks!  I wish to be "in the ring", swinging and taking punches!  Sometimes it works out and the risk was worth it, and other times I may not obtain the results I had hoped for...
There is such a lesson to be explored when you think about the way we handle life when things may not "work out" the way we hoped for.

All "stepping stones" though :)

Today, I am grateful for the words of my friend Duane Barney... Risks MUST be taken!



    Many people around me are agitated, fighting against windmills sometimes, and run continually after the last fashionable gadget, never he seems to be really happy, even after spending small fortunes for show others that they "live with the times" ...

    I think that happiness involves taking the risk of being different and learn not to systematically, want, like everyone else, do or have the latest thing in fashion.
    So, when I look at people who are happy, I see they are because they are content with what they have.

    I say then, happiness in life is not somewhere else, but where we are right now.

    We must learn to take breaks in our life, simple brackets, following the example of those you know so well how Matthew with your family, enjoying a little walk, a leisure outing with your children, I think you're doing the best choice, knowing transform the everyday into unforgettable moments by burning memories between you and your children, who will stay in your memories forever.
    I think taking the risk to be different is worthwhile, and no matter if everything around us seems sometimes lag, what ultimately counts are the true values, family, friendship, namely the right to self time, for example.

    Is it a risk of wanting to be simple, to want to enjoy the little things in our existence? Personally, I think the more we look at things with greed and more one creates needs that separate us from the need for life, which is enough for us to be happy (our family, our friends, single or peace reigns environment , a home where one can receive and give love necessary for our balance and a job we like and which we ... épanouissons risk seem a bit utopian) :)
    Of course, there is no harm to me to want to achieve, to have projects as being of "creators" in life, to better get to know yourself, operate and to develop our capabilities, to force us to go toward others, in short, to give and to receive, and this is what sometimes can be the beauty of the risk when deciding to take it.


    Every day is a new beginning for the risk as soon as we are in action, we take a risk, to deceive us, injure us, to lose...
    But if we reason that every action is important therefore that we make it our time, our energy, we accept se, depending on the size of the action, or the risks to take.
    We can not always be in a perfect shape to face the risks, to act for this or that cause or need, but if we spend our time waiting for the perfect time, we will not do anything.
    Bask in the sun is a choice, Procrastination is another, but they do give us that small ephemeral pleasures, which are certainly legitimate because we all need to make "breaks".

    But only action leads to happiness (the experiences in prison is proven, inmates who are assigned some tasks reintegrate quicker and easier than those who choose not to contribute to the operation of the Centre) ; for indeed, man needs TO ACT TO BUILD HIMSELF, TO EXPRESS OUTWARDLY WHAT HE IS INSIDE.

    Therefore, these are the major challenges that make life interesting, because overcome gives more meaning to our lives.

    Frequently, by the middle of life, man asks, mindful of a triangle of thought : "Me, Time and Action". So, he wondered to himself frequently, "what did I do that I can still be seen tomorrow? " ; this question is legitimate, and leaders often have the thought in mind:

    "What you want to do, DO IT NOW ! ".

    So think demonstrates the desire to leave something behind and to think now.
    Thinking this way is to be aware that personal and professional risks are involved because you have to act to make choices, manage priorities and therefore have to agree to give up some things in favor of what we want to build.

    I am convinced that the risk to the action worth taking, because the fear of failure can paralyze and the worst thing would be to accomplish anything in his life, to let fly our dreams ... Or to realize the dreams that make us happy, must still continue, and it therefore needs to act, and therefore take risks !


    We all have our memories of difficult times of our lives, and some unfortunately too often leave their past lives to control their present life ; It's like if they lived in other time, a parallel world by maintaining tear of heart or mind.

    But sometimes, that people do not want to risk closing the door to the pain of the past, not realizing that this door will lead them NOWHERE !...

    It would therefore neither pride or selfishness if they accept for themselves to "close the doors" but simply an AWAKENING of conscience that would demonstrate that they have realized that these doors are similar to tracks without issues.

    Constantly repeating stories in our heads, it is left to memory to make us believe they are more important than our present.

    The weight of the past can crush our POTENTIAL THERE !

    Of things past, which we give too much importance, that we would place like swords of Damocles over our head, would end no invade our mind to the point of having the impression that it is normal that they occupy too often our present ; but if we decided to position mentally to another level ... under our feet for example, as things without much importance to our present, then maybe she would become a springboard for our present and our future.

    I think taking the risk of letting go, not ignore or forget forever the things that affect us too much, but risk of living a certain detachment from a situation and decide to see where we can have Control... and flourish anyway ! :)

    It's unpretentious that I speak of can let go because I myself very hard to do it, but I also know that no one can do it for me and I have confidence in me to take it .

    That is why I will end with …


    I sincerely believe that some decisions requires good self confidence.
    But do nothing to improve his self-confidence, that may be unaware that we can give a chance to do better, to do better and be happier.
    It is also willing to look further and say that when we have dared, the courage we demonstrated has made us grow a little more, even if we fail, we still have the satisfaction of having learned about us -even and our limits.
    Those who seem to have a limitless confidence in extreme sports or leisure activity, demonstrate that we can feel alive when survives or that the finger touched the possibility of dying...

    My conclusion is that the risks are all training throughout life, and that eventually, the risk would not have acted.
    Instead of being focused on the negative consequences of risk taking, better think about the consequences that we must take if we do not take these.

    Thank you so much Matthew, for the exchange. :)
    God bless you and your family !




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