Saturday, June 20, 2015


I am humbled at this email I received this morning... This is why I speak publicly and deliver a message of hope and prosperity!  I feel so blessed to have played a small small part in simply reminding someone that they ARE great!  They ARE powerful!  They ARE amazing!  


Hi Matt!

How have you been since the REI? I am confident that you are living and breathing your life consciously and on purpose :)

I felt compelled to email you this morning after finishing chapter seven of A New Earth. I am grateful to you for sharing this book with me.  I now have another set of words on paper that I can turn to grow my spirit and mind. 

Two acknowledgements I want to express to you...

As Father's Day is just around the corner, I would like to acknowledge the pivotal role you play in your children's lives.  They chose you to be their father, friend, and confidant, leading and guiding them in the early developments of their journey. And as they chose you, you also chose them to be your kids, your family, and lifelong companions to love, teach, and hold them in their higher selves.  I see greatness in you and respect the ultimate stretch for a man; one of the most challenging yet rewarding responsibilities and honors in life - to be a good father, a good single father yet.  I am speechless of the capacity of the unconditional love and support you give them, as I see and feel the beautiful energy frequency and connection your family has. Wow is all I can say! Powerful! And it all stems from the example you set for them. So my wish is that you receive these words openly and let them land :)

Number two, simply and clearly...thank you for leaving a spark in my life. I didn't lie when I told you that you are electric! We are total strangers, yet we are not because we are one with the Universe. Without you knowing, you have reminded me of what I am called upon to accomplish in this world. I am finding myself reverting back to my true essence which I am so blessed to live and breathe in again. Your ability to influence and impact is a gift from our Creator and along with other awakenings and my highly conscious way of living the last few months, I want to truly express to you my sincere appreciation and gratitude for my experience of you, your way of being, and showing up powerfully in this world. I am climbing my Ladder consciously and i feel light and free  so again...thank you, thank you, thank you! 

As you mentioned at REI, keep in touch! I would love to hear about your adventures, filming antics, and the magic you are creating around the world! Besides RE, public speaking, and staying healthy, I'm going to be producing some shorts on self defense and increasing awareness in the world we live in. Isn't movie making awesome? :)

Man on a mission, I look forward to connecting soon. Happy Father's Day to you and enjoy the time with family and loved ones!



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