Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dance with Life

This song has meant so much to me ever since I saw this movie (Phenomenon...John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall) back in 1996.  The film is about what is possible in this human experience.  It's about the mind and heart, and how they both can be unlocked to unlimited potential and wonder.  It's about how we should not fear greatness, and yet most do fear what might be different than what they see as acceptable.  It's about allow life to simply BE what is can be,...so beautiful and of a higher frequency with which most are unfamiliar.  It's about stopping the "rush of life" to just feel the one-ness of energy and existence with nature, Mother Earth, and The Universe.  To truly feel and witness the awe and wonder that exists even by listening to your own breath, your own heart beat, and the love that is truly all around and in us at every moment.

To "Dance with life",... what does this mean?

"Dance like nobody is watching" is a common phrase we've all heard.  It is about being present, and BEING YOU!  Nobody is there to judge in any way, so just BE YOU!  Full of life and energy, passion, and zest.

Is it possible to live this way?
When the kids are screaming, and one needs to be at practice in 15 minutes, and the others are hungry and need to be fed.  When homework or job deadlines are due and you're under the pressures of circumstance.  When misunderstandings between people occur, someone has wronged you, and problems seem to be overwhelming.  Can we really "dance with life" in those moments?  When those things that happen that cause us to no longer "Dance with Life" and be present.  God knows that I have not been fully present in some of those moments in my life, yet others I have.  I haven't always consciously understood the contributing factors that cause us to respond better or worse to the circumstances that arise.   As I've learned more of the ego, and how much it plays a part in most of our lives.  I've learned the ego is a killer of "The Dance"... Becoming more aware of the ego, is the beginning of the end of ego.  I've also learned that maintaining an "attitude of gratitude" is a helping factor to difficult situations,...yet when we are wronged and the ego flares up,..it has been sometimes difficult for me to remember gratitude in those situations.

Recently I've met someone that has taught me so much about love and gratitude!  "Is it loving?" is her filter to any response or circumstance...and now it's mine as well.  Am I choosing a loving response?  Can I remember that question in those moments when the kids are screaming in the car and they're late for practice?  Can I remember that I love my child and want them to know that, more than whether or not they're at practice on time?  Can I recognize that I'm usually doing my best and sometimes circumstances cause us to be late from time to time?..and IT'S OK!  Life will still be ok, and tomorrow you'll get them there on time.  In those fights or misunderstandings can we remember that we do love this person?  If we don't can we remember to love ourselves, and not allow something that isn't loving to come from our own selves?...

"The Dance" and the beauty of life comes from BEING LOVING with others and ourselves,...and GRATEFUL!

What has been AMAZING to me as of recent... is that as we seek to surrender to LOVE and GRATITUDE,.. then we somehow get introduced to people and circumstances that allow love to grow and expand!  It's a miracle to me, that as we truly love those in our lives, and as we feel so filled with love,...then boom, our world expands and new situations and people enter our lives and we somehow feel so much more love for those that have come.
My Mother use to talk of this miracle.  I remember her saying "When I had my first child, and I felt so much love for this little gift from God,...and I can't imagine loving another child as much as I do this one.  Then when a second child comes along, and boom...My heart expanded and I was blessed and filled with so much more love.  It truly is a miracle!  Imagine how big and expansive God's love is for all of His children!!"

As we surrender to love,..then our love expands,..and we get to surrender more and more to BEING LOVE.

The "Dance with Life" that I've had has recently expended to such a bigger circle for me.  I have met my match made in heaven, and it is nothing short of a miracle!  Love is a miracle, and we get to choose it, or not.

(Opening lyrics to this song)
"I was thinking out loud 
One life's such a short time for love
When a match made in heaven arrives
Eternity is never enough"

It is so exciting, humbling, and so loving!  It's a miracle to me as to how much she and I have been blessed lately!  I believe that God and The Universe have so much to show us!!  It truly is beautiful and ours'!!

It's interesting that people have their opinions about it, and how they think it's "supposed to be",..or reasons why it might be challenging.  What is amazing is that she and I simply choose to surrender to "Our Dance"!  To be present, to be loving, to be grateful for the miracle that it IS!  To be open to what is possible for our hearts and minds (as this film teaches)... Details can and do figure themselves out ONLY IF we can remain present, loving, and grateful.  The possibilities are endless, and frequency is based on love and hope which only points upward!  To SOAR and DANCE with Her as we choose this life that WE see...togther!  God, how I thank Thee for bringing me someone with whom I choose to soar and build.

(Closing lyrics to this song)

"Swim in the soul of your eyes
'til we melt into the night
We need to dance with life
And leave a brilliant light behind"

She is light, She is Love, She is my Match,...She knows how to "Dance with Life",.. Yes Please!

Oh how I hope you love this song as I do:
~  "Dance with Life" by Bryan Ferry  ~
Go watch the movie too!! ..."Phenomenon"

Open to your thoughts on this "Dance with Life" topic!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What do you practice?

"Law of attraction is bringing you more of how you are feeling"  ~ Abraham Hicks

How am I feeling?  I sure do feel great sometimes, and other times,.. not so much.  If I am not feeling inspired, motivated, or even grouchy and fed-up, then I know it's time to unplug.  I know that it's time for attitude adjustment.

How much can we control our emotions?  It is my belief that we can control them 100% and it is our choice to feel the way we want to feel.  We must be mindful of our thoughts though.  Thoughts, lead emotions, and our emotions lead our actions.

To me,... rebooting my attitude is a matter of stepping back from the noise, and restarting with thinking of that for which I am grateful.  The basics.  What brings my mind joy and makes me smile inside and out?  If one counts how blessed they truly are, it doesn't take long to feel good, to feel loved, and to be in a better space.

"The seeds of sorrow cannot take root in a grateful heart."  I know I've quoted that a couple of times in this blog, yet how true it is.

A friend of mine shared this video with me, and I think it's fitting for this blog entry

"...Men are, that they might have joy"

What do you practice?  Our attitude is always our choice.  Practice JOY :)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Edge

Over the years... I have had the privilege of participating in the creation of what has been referenced as "The Dream Team" as I have traveled and taught well over a million people in various conferences and forums.  The Dream Team has consisted of Myself, Chad, Jason, and Scott.  Others that have come and gone, and by no means have these others been less significant, they however did not come nearly as often as the four of us that were ALWAYS together.

We have created together...  Invested together...  Shared together... Won and lost together... and grown into brothers...TOGETHER.

One of those brothers passed away recently and it has left such a vacancy in our world, and I wanted to write to express how I feel about this tragedy, and offer up my thoughts as this is MY forum where I have the privilege to share as I wish ;)

I was so shocked as I received the call that this had happened.  A fallen brother...middle of the night...of course I'll be there...no matter what!  I, and so many others, have made so many sacrifices in an outpouring of support for Jason Brian Leek and his family that survive him.

My heart goes out to his young 6 year old little girl.  Olivia..."Liv"...she and her Dad were such a pair!  So in love with each other as Fathers and daughters should be.  The heaviness I feel when I consider her little heart as she is trying to make sense out of the death of her Father at such a young age.  Yet, however heavy I feel,.. I consider how heavy Jason's soul feels as he considers the same and that it must be similar to what I feel, yet amplified by infinity! :(

Jason was one who would be the first to help in any way that he could.  He was technically inclined and would be the one that could fix what needed to be fixed,.. build what needed to be built,..  He would do it with a smile and often times anonymously.  Something I grew to really respect was his willingness to express gratitude on a frequent basis and show thanks.

As we all have our own personal struggles, so did Jason.  We all go to that "edge" and flirt with that edge.  I too, have had my dark moments when I have felt alone, lost, and very discouraged.  Those moments when everything feels like its being piled on top of me, and I can't see a way out.  We DO have choices in those moments.  Jason's death was a result of flirting with "The Edge" and his death was not intended and certainly unexpected (I believe even for him).

I believe we have all had these moments when we feel so out of control and when things have become so (seemingly) lost.  We look back on these moments and don't even recognize that person and the choices we may have made in a time of struggle and fear.  What I have learned from this tragic and terrible accident, is that nobody is above desperate struggle and strife.


in those moments,.. are there choices?  YES!  Yes, there are!  Yet, when those dark dark moments come, and I find myself on "The Edge",.. I now choose to think of my dear friend and brother Jason asking and beckoning me to come off of that ledge, and to come away from that edge... because unintended and tragic accidents happen when we come too close to the edge.

Life gets hard, and sometimes unbearable,..yet the fight is still worth fighting!  Those that we love (and they love us) still want us near!  Have the courage to accept Jason's invitation to stay a bit further away from that "edge",.. have even more courage to ask for a bit of help from someone you know.  STOP thinking they won't help or that they won't care.  They can't care until they know that you might need help.  Count the blessings you DO have...  "The seeds of sorrow cannot take root in a grateful heart."  Please, I beg you, to remember these words...that you DO have a choice in all circumstances, as to the state of mind you will choose.

I hope these thoughts are taken with the light of hope and the desire to let that flame within each of us burn!  That flame is in there!  It is real... and perhaps deserves some attention as it may have dimmed over recent time.

I am 100% sure that Jason would take that moment (when he left) back if he could!  Feel grateful that you and I still have that choice.  For me,..I choose hope, light, and life!  It is my hope that you do and will too!


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